Preparing for Plastic Surgery

preparing for plastic surgeryWith more than 20 years experience, Dr Drielsma and his team know that its natural to feel very anxious in the lead up to surgery. The team are always available to help patients feel at ease during this time and patients are encouraged to get in touch to share their feelings and ask questions to help reassure them. Here are our top 7 steps to preparing for plastic surgery:

1: Complete all your paperwork well in advance

With any procedure there is lots of paperwork, so don’t leave it until the last minute to complete your paperwork. Just like a school assignment, if you leave it to the last minute you will feel anxious and unprepared.

2: Be honest when preparing for plastic surgery

Be sure to answer your pre-operative questions truthfully. The information you provide at your consultation and on the forms gives Dr Drielsma an insight into your health and well being and can highlight any potential complications. For example, if you smoke, tell us…its okay! We have protocols in place to help you prepare for surgery based on the information you provide so be accurate.

3: Ask questions

The best way to keep anxiety levels low is to ask lots of questions. Come prepared to your consultation with lots of questions and then keep on asking questions until you feel reassured you have all the answers you to need to feel confident heading into surgery. Our team is on hand to answer any questions over the phone or email and you can arrange additional pre-operative consultations with myself to chat in more detail if you need. You will be surprised how quickly some fears can be squashed by getting the answers you need.

4: Get your house in order when preparing for plastic surgery

When you get home from surgery, no matter how big or small, its best to come home to a clean house. You need to rest and recuperate after surgery so you won’t feel like tackling the washing or cleaning the bathroom. Stock the fridge and freezer with meals and snacks so you can focus on your recovery and have everything you need at hand. In general its recommended to have someone at home with you at least for the first night after you get home.

5: Wear the right clothes to hospital

Garments that are easy to remove and not too restrictive are best to wear to hospital. If you are having day surgery for breast augmentation for example, wear a button up shirt so you don’t have to raise your arms to get your clothes back on. Dress for comfort – you can worry about style later!

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6: Have a good nights sleep when preparing for plastic surgery

Easy to say right – especially as your nerves will probably keep you awake the night before surgery! Avoid alcohol, have a healthy and nutritious dinner to keep you sustained during your fasting period and try to get to bed early for a good night’s sleep. A relaxing bath might help to calm your nerves.

7: On the big day

Set the alarm! If you are running late you will get very anxious. Allow plenty of time to get to the hospital – traffic is always worse than you think – especially if you are in a hurry. Dr Drielsma will have a mini-consultation with you before your surgery to help answer any questions and to check in with your before your surgery starts.

Before you know it your surgery will be finished and you will be on the road to recovery and enjoying the benefits of your surgery.

The decision to have plastic surgeon is a big one, but the Dr Drielsma and his team team are here to make your journey smooth. Contact Us today and begin preparing for plastic surgery!