Meet Dr. Drielsma

Dr Drielsma is an Australian trained fully qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeon specialising in cosmetic surgery of the face, breasts and body.

His basic medical degree was completed at the University of Sydney in 1982. During this time he also completed a Bachelor of Science degree. Plastic Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Drielsma underwent a further 14 years training following medical school before commencing private practice.

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Choosing the right Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

Choosing to have cosmetic surgery is a big decision. You want to be certain that your surgeon is a certified professional, with extensive training and experience. Dr. Rober Drielsma FRACS is a leading Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon in Sydney. With over 25 years experience, you can be assured you are in safe hands.

As a result, you will find this website to be a high-quality source of accurate, honest information. This is a fact confirmed by Dr Drielsma’s patients who visit it time and time again. Further, it is designed to deliver the honest facts. This is presented both in terms of the positive superior surgical outcomes Dr. Drielsma delivers but also the possible risks and complications associated with surgery.

After thoroughly exploring your desired procedure on this website, you will be well informed and in a better position to arrange your all-important surgical consultation.

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  • These pics taken mid way through surgery are your favourites. 
Just look at the incredible transformation for this patient undergoing a breast lift with Dr D. Using his signature “lollipop” minimal scarring technique, breast shape and support has been restored using only her own breast tissue - NO implants have been used
  • Happy hump day… half way through the five days!  Dr D spent the day consulting patients about breast reductions, body lift surgery, fat transfer procedures as well as skin cancers and non surgical treatments. 
No two days are the same in our busy consulting rooms.
  • From whichever angle you look at it, a breast lift with Dr D’s “Lollipop" minimal scar technique results in elevated, perky, naturally lifted breasts and a very happy patient.  This procedure restores body confidence and comfort.
  • Do your weekend plans involve this sort of fun? I think we will be having a very chilled out weekend recovering from a busy week of seeing patients in the consulting room and on the operating table! Happy weekend everyone!
  • Do you avoid laying down at the beach because your breasts disappear under your armpits?  Dr D is halfway through a breast reduction /  lift to help this patient restore her breasts to a natural, elevated position. Don’t be afraid of the beach this summer, DM us for details about Dr D’s signature “Lollipop” minimal scarring breast reduction technique can restore your confidence in time for summer.
  • Remember to remove all nail polish/fake nails before you go in for your surgery. This is to make it easier for your anaesthetist can safely monitor you during the surgery.
  • Using his signature “lollipop” minimal scarring breast reduction / Lift  technique Dr D created this beautiful natural result and helped this patient feel more comfortable and confident.  Using all her own natural breast tissue Dr Drielsma reshaped her breasts to create an elevated and perky result which reflects her age. DM us for details or to book a free 15 minute chat with our patient coordinator.
  • Thank goodness for mums! 
Happy mothers day!
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  • Trends come and go but this one seems to be here to stay…
natural breast augmentation results. 
Dr D created this lovely augmentation using 360cc tear shaped implants. Natural breast augmentation adds volume and shape to the breast and allows patients to continue enjoying their active physical pursuits.

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