Eye Lift Surgery Before & After Photos

Click on the thumbnails below to see before and after photo’s of Eye Lift Surgery.

Wanting to rejuvenate your face? Explore our beautiful, and real, Eyelift Before and After Photos. Leading Sydney expert eyelift plastic surgeon, Dr Robert Drielsma has  over 25 years of experience.  Dr. Drielsma’s natural-look techniques speak for themselves. With decades of international experience, Dr. Drielsma specialises in scar-minimising surgery. Gone are the days of ugly Eyelift scars on the top or sides of your head. Modern techniques, used by Dr. Drielsma means your friends and family won’t even realise you’ve had surgery!

Eyelift Surgery lifts the eye naturally, without creating a surprised or stretched look. You will look younger and more refreshed. Combine with a Facelift or Neck Lift surgery for the ultimate in facial rejuvenation!

**Results may vary for individual to individual