Face Surgery

Do you worry that you look older than you feel? Do you miss your firmer, youthful features? Have you always hated your double chin or sagging jowls? Do you dream of a stronger chin, more refined jaw line or narrower nose? Have you always wanted plumper, poutier lips? Or have you always wanted to repair your broken, crooked nose or “bat”-like ears?

Then it might be time you considered Face Surgery.

Face Surgery

Face Surgery in Sydney

Dr. Robert Drielsma is a leading Sydney Facial Surgery expert, specialising in natural, long lasting results.  With over 20 years experience, and renowned for bring some of the leading plastic surgery techniques to Australia, you will be in expert hands with Dr. Drielsma.

Face Surgery procedures can reduce the unwanted signs of aging, smooth out wrinkles and puffiness, refine your jawline, reduce sagging jowls and double chins, lift your brow, eyelids and improve your smile.

If you have suffered for years from genetic issues such as “bat-ears”, a deviated septum or cleft palate, then face surgery can help correct this, giving you a better quality of life.  If you hate looking at your lumpy, crooked nose and similar facial injuries, face surgery can correct this, bringing your face back into natural symmetry.

Dr. Drielsma’s scar minimising surgery creates pleasing, well-balanced and long lasting results with a rejuvenating effect on your skin, eyes and overall facial appearance.  Face Surgery is suitable for almost any age, making you look and feel better, regaining your lost confidence.   Dr. Drielsma’s focus on natural results means your friends and family will notice you look happier, more rested, more vibrant, and younger without looking stretched or “overdone”.

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What to Bring to your Surgeon Consultation

  • Bring a friend or relative to help discuss the information and consider your choices
  • Take lots of notes and read the documents provided thoroughly
  • You may need to undress for a physical exam so wear simple clothing

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