Finding the Right Bra After Breast Augmentation

Bra after breast augmentation

Many patients arrive at their first post operative appointment, a week after surgery, eager to show off their new bust. Whether you have had a subtle increase in breast size or you have experienced a big increase in volume, you are probably busting to go shopping for new bras. Finding the right bra after breast augmentation is an important task.

Dr Drielsma has some great advice for patients ready to go shopping.

“Firstly, be patient! Its hard to be patient when you are so keen to show off the results of your surgery. But its essential to allow your body time to heal after surgery.”

Post operative swelling can persist for several weeks or even months. So even though you feel great and comfortable with your new implants, you need to wait for the swelling to subside before you buy news bras. Or you may find you don’t have the right size.

Its ideal to wait at least six weeks before purchasing bras after breast augmentation. Healing takes time so allow your body time to recover from surgery. The post operative recovery sports bra should be worn for around four to six weeks after surgery. Its soft but supportive fabric is gentle on the delicate incision lines under the bust and provides maximum compression to keep swelling at bay. It also has hooks in the front. Making it comfortable to get on and off in the early weeks following your surgery. Wearing regular bras during this recovery period can irritate and damage the incision lines and may impede the healing of your scars.

Get some support!

“Many patients think its okay to go without a bra after breast augmentation but unless you like droopy boobs its important to wear supportive bras especially when exercising.” Even after augmentation you are subject to the natural passing of time, so supportive bras are recommended. If you have a a very big increase in breast size, your skin will also be stretching to accommodate the new implants so supportive bras are a must. For special occasions its fine to leave the bra at home and enjoy low fitting or strapless dresses and tops but don’t do it every day.

A professional bra fitting session is also a good idea according to Dr Drielsma. “Too many patients guess at their new cup size. A professional bra fitting will ensure you are wearing the correct size and getting the best support.” Most specialist lingerie shops and departments stores have professional bra fitters, so book an appointment to help you find the best size and styles for you. Be adventurous and try on lots of styles – you’ll be surprised by how different your new breasts look in different types of bras!

Dr Drielsma also suggests its best to avoid underwire bras for around nine months. “Underwire bras can rub and irritate the incision so its best to avoid these types of bras for some time. If you love the look of a particular underwire bra you can always make a tiny snip and ease the wire out of the bra.”

New breasts deserve new bras so enjoy the results of surgery. Follow Dr Drielsma’s tips to look and feel good in your new lingerie.