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Dr. Robert Drielsma is Sydney’s leading skin and injectables specialist Plastic Surgeon. With over 20 years experience Dr. Drielsma is known for introducing many of the currently popular plastic surgery techniques to Australia. This includes best practice Skin Surgery and Injectables.

Skin Surgery And Injectables

Skin Surgery And Injectables In Sydney

Over the years, your skin can suffer from the effects of the environment, aging, gravity, weight loss and weight gain, injuries, diet and genetics. As a result, Dr. Drielsma’s Skin Surgery and Injectables procedures can help you rejuvenate your skin. We offer a variety of procedures including chemical peels, dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, injectables and the surgical removal of moles, skin tumours and other lesions.

Dr. Drielsma also removes unwanted moles, tumours and suspected skin cancers for biopsy. Laser treatment rejuvenates and brightens your skin, helping you deal with unwanted hyperpigmentation and skin discolouration caused by sun damage, scaring and birthmarks. Further, laser resurfacing manages stubborn, unsightly and embarrassing acne conditions.

Laser treatment can also reduce or eradicate the look of scars and is popularly used in conjunction with other plastic surgery procedures in order to reduce post-operative scarring.

Injectables reduce wrinkles and lines by weakening facial muscles. These muscles, which have become over-tight and contracted, cause your face to prematurely age. Injectables and dermal fillers can also be used to volumise the face, filling in areas that may have sunken or become hollow with age.

As a result, modern procedures can leave you feeling youthful, rejuvenated and more confident in your appearance.

Dr Drielsma has over 20 years experience treating skin cancers and offers the highest level of surgical expertise to deliver reliable surgical eradication. As a result, Dr. Drielsma’s scar minimising surgery and skin resurfacing procedures focuses on creating a natural, beautiful look you will love.

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