Remove Breast Implants

While there are millions of women worldwide with breast implants, not everyone wants to keep their implants forever. Breast augmentation has a high satisfaction rate, but there are many reasons women might wish to remove their implants. Some women may have developed complications, including implant rupture or capsular contracture. Other reasons can include wanting to return to your natural breast size. Some women might simply find their breast implants uncomfortable after many years of enjoying them, and therefor want to remove and not replace them.

Dr Drielsma is a top Sydney plastic surgeon and expert in the field of breast implant removal as well as breast lifting surgery.

What is Removal of breast implants with breast-Lift Surgery?

Also known as breast explant surgery, breast implant removal will result in your breasts being smaller. You might also find your breast skin is a little loose and empty, maybe even with a sagging look.

In this case, you may want to consider a breast lift, without implants, to restore the youthful and perky look to your natural breasts.

As can be seen in the before and after photos below, Dr Drielsma’s is an expert in lifting breasts without implants using his signature “Lollipop” minimal scar technique. Contact our team for further information or explore our gallery below!


Click on the images below to view Before and after photos of Explant surgery with breast lifting