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Also known by the medical terms, “mammaplasty” and “bilateral reduction mammoplasty”, and “lollipop Breast Reduction” this procedure reduces breast tissue and tightens the skin. A plastic surgeon achieves this by reducing breast tissue and tightening breast skin. As a result, the upper body is lightened thanks to the removal of dragging weight off the chest, shoulders and neck. It also provides a more comfortable, firmer, and uplifted look to your breasts.

Women who undergo reduction form the happiest group of patients in Dr Drielsma’s practice. This is because breast reduction not only alleviates crippling symptoms associated with macromastia (large breasts) but also boosts self-confidence and self-esteem. Lightening the upper body also allows for better participation in sporting and recreational activities.

Dr Drielsma, Leading Australian Breast Reduction Surgeon – Specialising in the Lollipop Breast Reduction Method

Dr Drielsma

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Dr. Robert Dielsma is one of Australia’s leading Breast Surgeons who specialises in bringing the size of your chest into harmony with the rest of your body using the lollipop breast reduction method.  Dr. Drielsma is available at Bondi Junction (Bondi Beach),  Wagga Wagga Camden and Canberra.

Lollipop Breast Reduction Sydney Before and After Gallery

Click the image below to see natural transformations of Dr. Drielsma’s Reduction patients using the Lollipop Vertical minimal scar technique.

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Should I Get Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction is the ideal procedure to reduce heavy breasts. It allows you to reduce your cup size, while also improving physical issues.

Unfortunately, larger breasts can cause many physical, social, and emotional problems. Women with large breasts may find it difficult to find bras that fit comfortably or that are big enough. Larger breasts can also cause grooves in the skin, where bra straps often cut into the shoulders. In addition, finding clothing that fits right and looks great, can prove difficult. As a result, every day social and recreational activities can be difficult or downright impossible to participate in. Oversized breasts can also lead to psychological stress due to embarrassment and low self-esteem.

As well  physical discomfort in the form of back, shoulder and neck pain, oversize breasts also interfere with social and recreational activity such as sporting, going to the beach, going out to a bar, club or dance.  Large breasts can also cause chafing, skin infections and rashes.

Large breast reduction can also help reduce skin irritation and infections under the breasts. Breast reduction always involves a lift which will give the added bonus of a perkier, better shaped breast. This will boost self-image, confidence and esteem.

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The Reduction Procedure

Reduction surgery can help improve confidence, as well as physical pain and discomfort. It should only be performed by a fully qualified plastic surgeon, in an accredited hospital, under general anaesthetic.

Dr Drielsma will perform your breast reduction operation in an accredited Australian hospital, with the highest of safety standards. He only works with Australia’s leading teams of surgical staff and anaesthetists in fully licensed,

Theatre time is generally 2.5-3 hours, though this time varies depending on the patient and the degree of surgery the patient needs to achieve the results required.

During your procedure, Dr Drielsma will surgically remove the necessary amount of breast tissue to reduce your breast proportions and overall breast weight. Dr Drielsma uses the Lollipop technique except in extremely large reduction cases. Your breasts determine the amount of tissue Dr Drielsma will remove.

Many patients are concerned about their areola after breast reduction. Dr Drielsma repositions your nipples higher on the breast mound and adjusts the remaining tissue to form a perkier, firmer breast. This is part of the contouring and sculpting process to reduce sagging and create more natural looking breast contours.

Dr Drielsma will customise your breast reduction procedure to suit your body and your needs. However, all breast reduction surgeries with Dr Drielsma will take the following into account:

  • Your existing breast tissue
  • The size and weight of your breasts
  • Position of the breast and nipple
  • The health and elasticity of your breasts
  • Your underlying chest muscles
  • The breast size you would prefer
  • Your preferred nipple size, appearance, and location

Different Types of Breast Reduction Techniques

There are a number of breast reduction techniques and the one used for your procedure depends on the surgeon and on your personal needs. The correct procedure for you is something you will need to discuss with Dr Drielsma during your consultation.

The two methods most recognised in Australia are the Vertical “Lollipop” technique and the Anchor or “Inverted T” incision technique. Also known as a LeJour Breast Reduction, the Lollipop technique is Dr Drielsma’s preferred method.

Dr Drielsma performs the lollipop technique in about 90% of cases and has performed thousands in his 25 years of surgical practice.

The advantages of the “Lollipop” Technique are:

  • It dramatically reduces scar load with no scar running along the crease under the breast.

This equates to a scar length reduction of over 50%

  • The lollipop technique delivers a superior  rounded natural shaped result.   This is due to the fact that the lollipop breast reduction does not remove skin from the underboss and so does not constrict the lower breast pole skin envelope.  This means the remaining breast tissue can settle into a natural rounded shape.
  • The natural shape of a lollipop reduction/lift  gives  a maintained long term result.  The shape tends to improve with time.   (in contrast the inverted T or anchor method tends to deteriorate in shape over time leading to boxiness)

Dr Drielsma also performs inverted T/anchor reductions where necessary ( in about 5% of cases) when the breasts are just too large for the lollipop method.  An anchor breast reduction does leave longer  scars compared to the lollipop breast reduction method that Dr Drielsma prefers.  In contrast, inverted T techniques tend to produce squaring or boxiness of the lower breast pole.

Dr Drielsma will discuss this with you following examination at consultation.

Scarless breast reduction surgery has been pushed in marketing recently.  This involves liposuction to the breast.  Occasionally Dr Drielsma will use liposuction as an adjunct to a breast reduction but liposuction has little role as a stand alone technique as it will cause breast sagging or drooping to worsen.

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Are You a Good Candidate?

Choosing breast reduction surgery is a deeply personal decision. It is important to have a private consultation with a fully qualified specialist plastic surgeon, like Dr Robert Drielsma, to determine if this is the right procedure for you.

You may consider surgery to reduce breast size if:

  • You dislike having large breasts or feel they are out of proportion with the rest of your physique
  • Your breasts make you self-conscious in public because of your breast size and find your participation in social or recreational activities is restricted because of this
  • You are suffering physical symptoms such as back, shoulder and neck pain
  • Your breasts are asymmetrical
  • You have difficulty fitting in bras or clothes because of your breast size
  • Your breasts cause skin infections and rashes
  • You are unhappy with changes to your breasts post-pregnancy or post-weight loss, including sagging

How Much Does Breast Reduction Cost?

The average cost of reduction is difficult to estimate as Dr Drielsma customises each procedure to your unique concerns. This means that cost can change from surgeon to surgeon and patient to patient.

Price is a poor indicator of the training or experience of a surgeon. Always do your homework to avoid dangerously under-priced surgery or ridiculously overpriced surgery. Shopping around based on price is a dangerous way to choose your surgeon.

The more important issue, for you, is that you are satisfied the surgeon you choose will be doing your breast reduction safely and well,  giving you the optimal aesthetic outcome.  You should be happy with the quality of service and experience you are being offered for the price of your surgery.

Seeing a cheap or overseas plastic surgeon will likely require breast reduction revision surgery. The cost of revision is far more than having a professional procedure the first time.  It is imperative you get it done right the first time.

Specialists Plastic surgeon,  Dr Drielsma, can give you further information during your breast reduction consultation.

Dr Drielsma does not do cheap surgery, he fixes it!

Medical Breast Reduction Sydney and Medicare

In most cases of macromastia or large breasts,  your procedure will be considered medically necessary. As a result, you will be able to claim back some of your procedure through Medicare and if you have private health insurance, your hospital costs may be partially or fully covered.   Discuss breast reduction costs and Medicare coverage with your specialist plastic surgeon.

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There is generally little pain associated with breast reduction. Most, if not all of Dr Drielsma’s patients are pleasantly surprised how comfortable and smooth the recovery process is.

One night in hospital is all that is required following surgery. Drains are placed in each breast which are easily removed the next morning before discharge. Dressings on the breast lollipop stitch lines are kept dry for a week, following which they are simplified and showering is permitted.

Swelling from your procedure can take up to 4 to 6 weeks and some 6 months or so to settle into their final size and shape.

Most patients require about 2 weeks off work. We recommend patients do not return to normal physical exercise for around 6 weeks.

Breast Reduction Scarring

It is important to remember that all surgery involves some scarring. Your ultimate level of scarring will depend on several factors, including the technique used.

The huge advantage of the lollipop breast reduction method is that scar load, or the length of scarring, is significantly reduced. The scar load can be reduced by over 50%, compared with anchor or “inverted T” techniques.

Scars soften and fade in a maturation process that takes up to 2 years to complete after surgery. This results in very acceptable scars you will be satisfied with.

Breast Reduction Sydney Before and After Gallery

Click the image below to see transformations of Dr. Drielsma’s patients using the Lollipop vertical technique.

breast reduction

What Are the Risks of Breast Surgery?

As with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks and complications when it comes to breast reduction surgery. These complications are unusual but can involve bleeding and infection.

Breast Feeding

In a significant number of cases it is possible that your breast reduction surgery may affect your ability to breastfeed. This is due to the removal of breast tissue and disconnection of remaining breast tissue from the nipple. It is important to discuss any future plans to breast feed with Dr. Drielsma during your consultation.

Breast Growing Back

Gaining weight, pregnancy and breast feeding can cause breast tissue to regrow, however this not a common issue. In these unusual cases you may need a secondary procedure.

Surgeons can perform breast reduction for those who are overweight. However, for the best surgical and aesthetic results – and lower risks – it is better to reach your goal weight before having surgery.

Accepted Side Effects

There are also surgical side effects that are expected but acceptable, such as scarring and sensation changes. Your surgeon will explain these all aspects of these side effects, in detail, during your consultation.

The procedure requires a general anaesthetic and your anaesthetist will discuss the possible discomforts and any possible complications that may occur.

Although every attempt is made to obtain symmetry and natural breast shape, as with all women and natural breasts, there may be some difference in the final size and shape of your breasts, and areola and nipple position. Treat you breasts as sisters, not twins.

If you are considering getting a breast reduction, contact Dr Drielsma today. As one of Sydney’s top plastic surgeons, Dr Drielsma will work with you to achieve your natural-look plastic surgery desires. Please visit our contact page or call 1800 180 777.


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