Nipple Correction Surgery

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Nipple or areola correction surgery may be sought after for a number of different reasons, including dissatisfaction with the size or shape of the nipples, inverted nipples, or supernumerary nipples – also known as extra nipples.

Sydney Nipple Correction Surgery

Nipple correction surgery can help to address:

  • inverted nipples
  • large and fleshy Nipples
  • enlarged, puffy areolas
  • supernumerary nipples
  • overly large areolas

But What About The Bumps Around My Nipple?

Many people, in most cases women, will have noticed small lumps or bumps that sit on the areola, surrounding the nipple.  These are known as Montgomery Glands. These small bumps come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are entirely normal.  They secrete a small amount of natural oil to keep the areola lubricated.  These bumps can change sizes and colour over time, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

However, while these bumps are typically normal it is always wise to consult your GP if you notice any change to your breasts.

Supernumerary Nipples

Supernumerary Nipples are better known as “third” or “extra” nipples.  Some people often have two or more extra nipples, however, this is a condition that affects less than 0.2% of the population.

Combined Nipple Correction and Breast Surgery

Many breast surgery procedures require nipple correction surgery to correctly place the nipple on the altered breast. Changing the size of the nipple and/or areola, and the placement is important to create a natural, balanced look.

Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Robert Drielsma aims to preserve nipple sensation, however, as with all surgery, there are some risks involved.  If you want to breastfeed in the future, it is important to tell your surgeon during your consultation so that you can discuss the best methods to retain nipple functionality.

Breast Augmentation Mammoplasty and Nipple Correction Surgery

Breast augmentation mammoplasty rarely requires nipple correction surgery.  Generally, after breast augmentation mammoplasty, your nipples naturally may appear higher on your chest immediately after surgery.  This will eventually improve as the implants settle into place and swelling subsides.

Some women report larger, less prominent areola and less feeling in the nipple after breast surgery but that is not the result for every woman – each person and each surgery are different. This lack of feeling – or, in some case, hypersensitivity – may continue for the first few months after surgery but, in most cases, will return to normal as healing progresses.

Inverted nipples may be helped by breast augmentation mammoplasty due to the “pressure from behind” of the implant placement.  Dr Drielsma will usually advise not to do nipple eversion during breast augmentation mammoplasty to assess the effects of the augmentation mammoplasty first.

Breast Reduction Mammoplasty, Breast Lift (Mastopexy) and Nipple Surgery

The nipple and areola seem to be most affected during Breast Reduction Mammoplasty as this usually requires the nipple to be relocated and the areola reduced in size. This is especially true during combined breast reduction mammoplasty and breast lift (mastopexy) surgery.

Depending on the location of your nipple, breast reduction mammoplasty and/or breast lift (mastopexy) surgery may require a relocation of the nipple. This will affect the sensation and functionality of the nipple so it is important that you discuss with Dr Drielsma your plans for a family and to breastfeed in the future.

Dr Drielsma will preserve the attachment of the nipple and keep the blood supply and nerves in place as much as possible. However, the further the nipple needs to be moved the greater the risk of lost sensation, impairing the blood and milk supply.

As with breast augmentation mammoplasty, many women find the relocation of their nipple to be more aesthetically pleasing, with better-balanced proportions.

Nipple Reduction Surgery

Nipple Reduction Surgery usually involves removing a doughnut of nipple tissue from around the nipple base. It is possible to  perform nipple reduction under a local or general anaesthetic.

Oversized stretched or unevenly shaped areolas can also be remedied under local anesthetic by removing a doughnut-shaped piece of skin around the areola or nipple.

This peri-areolar technique, also known as the Binelli technique, has 3 major problems

a) it creates a puckered scar around the areolar

b) It flattens the breast, taking away its natural projection

c) the nipple always stretches out again to a larger size- this is due to the tension the breast will place on the nipple following surgery.

Overly large and puffy nipples can be part of natural breast development or can follow breastfeeding.  They often present as cracked, bleeding or uncomfortable nipples.  This can be remedied by surgically removing the excess nipple projection and reducing the width of the nipple. This surgery can also be done under local anaesthetic and is unlikely to affect future breastfeeding.

Inverted Nipples

It may surprise you to know that inverted nipples are not uncommon.  In most cases, the inversion is not fixed and can be manually everted.  However, a less common version of the condition means that the nipple is fixed in the inverted place and cannot be manually manipulated.  This is caused by milk ducts being too short and tight, tethering the nipple in place.

Inverted Nipple Surgery involves releasing the tethered breast milk ducts.  This will, most likely, affect future abilities to breastfeed. Small incisions are made at the base of the nipple and the ducts released.  A stitch is then made around the base of the nipple to ensure the everted nipple is maintained while the tissue heals.

Like other Nipple Surgeries, this operation can be done under local or general anaesthetic.

What About Nipple Correction Surgery Scarring?

You must remember that all surgery will result in scarring in one form or another.  Nipple Surgery is no different.  Your level of scarring will depend on a variety of factors, including incision methods and genetic disposition to scarring.  However, most scarring related to nipple surgery will fade over time as you heal and is likely to be less prominent than scarring from other breast surgeries.

Nipple Correction Surgery Before and After Gallery

It is comforting for many women to know they are not alone when it comes to issues with nipple size, location, and formation. Many women undergo nipple correction surgery to address concerns with the nipple, areolar or to relocate the nipple during other breast procedures.

Click the image below to see nipple correction surgery results by Dr Drielsma.

Nipple Surgery Before and After


Nipple Correction Surgery Sydney

Dr Robert Drielsma is a Sydney Specialist Plastic Surgeon.  With over 30 years experience, Dr Drielsma is available at Bondi Junction, Camden, Wagga Wagga and Canberra.

If you would like more information on Nipple Surgery and your options, or if you would like to book a consultation with Dr Drielsma, please visit our Contact Page or call 1800 180 777.

Nipple Correction Surgery FAQ

What Downtime is There for Nipple Correction Surgery?

Most Nipple Surgery procedures are done as day surgeries under a local anaesthetic. They can usually be done in Dr Drielsma’s office and don’t require admission to hospital.  You will be able to go home and resume normal activity soon after your surgery.  However, if you are combining breast and nipple correction surgery, there will longer downtime.

What Complications are There?

There are possible complications with all surgical procedures and these will be discussed with you during your consultation.

Will I Be Able to Breast Feed?

It is important to remember that not every woman can breast feed, even without nipple correction surgery.  The further you need to relocate your nipple, the higher the chance that you will lose sensation and the ability to breast feed.  It is best to talk thoroughly with your surgeon about any future plans to breast feed.

What is the Cost of Nipple Correction Surgery?

The cost of nipple correction surgery varies from patient to patient and surgeon to surgeon, depending on what you want to achieve. It is important that you always do your homework when looking for a Plastic Surgeon.  You should be happy with the quality of service and the experience of your chosen surgeon for the price of surgery you are being offered.

**Individual results may vary. All surgery carries risks. 

You should seek a second opinion from an equally qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon before proceeding with surgery.