12 Honest Things to Know About Breast Reduction Recovery

There is far more awareness and acceptance of plastic surgery procedures today than in the past.  When contemplating a particular procedure, however, there are always many questions to answer. And, we have found, a lot of unknowns about breast reduction surgery. While we are seeing more and more women pursuing breast reduction solutions, less is
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The Truth About “Scarless” Liposuction Breast Reduction

scarless breast reduction

Visible scarring on the breasts is often one of the biggest reasons why patients avoid seeking out breast reduction surgery. Many ask us if there is a way to pursue breast reduction without dealing with scarring. There has been some talk about liposuction breast reduction, which we will discuss today. What Is Liposuction Breast Reduction?
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Is Society Changing Views on Large Breasts? The Rise of Breast Reduction

breast reduction

It has been over 50 years since the first, true breast implant surgery. With stars like Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell celebrated in the media, men and women celebrated the idea of large breasts. The advent of Playboy magazine and shows like Baywatch, the desire for breast enlargement surgery soared. However, with the advent of
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Breast Reduction – What Happens to Your Nipples

Nipple Surgery

Women want breast surgery for a variety of reasons. Older trends leaned more toward breast augmentation surgery. Now we see women opting for breast reduction and breast lift surgery. With social media trends promoting a fit, slim physique, many are looking to match their breast size to their new body. Other women find themselves researching
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