5 Myths About Breast Reduction Surgery

There are a lot of myths regarding plastic surgery and procedures like breast reduction. Today we are going to cover five of the biggest myths surrounding this important and helpful procedures. We will also discuss the benefits of breast reduction surgery!

1: Breast Reduction is Only CosmeticMyths About Breast Reduction Surgery - breast reduction is only cosmetic. However it helps with back and neck pain

One of the biggest myths about breast reduction surgery is that it is purely cosmetic. While some breast reduction procedures are for cosmetic improvements only, the majority of breast reduction surgeries are done for reasons of medical necessity. Large, heavy breasts cause a wide range of issues including:

  • Pain in the back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Painful grooves from bra straps
  • Skin rashes
  • Numbness and tingling down arms
  • Headaches

2: The Procedure Isn’t Covered by Insurance

Due to the fact that there are legitimate health issues caused by large breasts, Medicare and Private Health Funds will cover the procedure in the majority of cases, provided you are in the appropriate level of cover.   Your plastic surgeon will advise you on whether you might qualify for coverage.

3: Breast Reduction is Painful and Risky

While there is always discomfort associated with surgery, breast reduction is not as painful as many believe. In fact, most patients are pleasantly surprised how little pain and discomfort is associated with the procedure and may not even require prescription level pain management after the first few days, and some never need more than Panadol.

Further, while all surgery carries risks, both minor and major complications are rare in breast reduction surgery. If you have stable health, it is highly unlikely you will experience any complication with a breast reduction.

4: Surgery on Breasts Causes a Loss of FeelingMyths About Breast Reduction Surgery - scarring example from Dr Drielsma

Many patients are concerned about a loss of sensitivity in the breasts, especially around the nipple and areola. This can be a concern for those with very large breasts. Some loss of feeling can occur for a few days or months after surgery. However, this sensation returns quickly as bruised nerves recover.  It is common, however, for there to be some degree of permanent sensation change to the nipple which is unlikely to worry you. If you are concerned about losing sensation in your breasts, discuss with your surgeon in your consultations!

5: You Get Horrible Scarring

All operations will leave some permanent scarring, including breast reduction surgery. However, all scars flatten and fade with time and treatment. Dr Drielsma uses the “lollipop” minimal vertical pattern technique which reduces breast reduction scar lines by over 50% compared to “anchor pattern “techniques.  You can see examples of scar results in our before and after gallery. You will find that over time your scars will become inconspicuous and are far outweighed by the benefits of your procedure.

Four Benefits of Breast Reduction

While there are myths about breast reduction surgery, there are a number of benefits. These include:

1: You Will Feel Better

Breast reduction will help relieve you of the symptoms and problems associated with large breasts. This operation has close to a 100% success range when it comes to relieve the issues caused by breast reduction. Many patients express how they wish they had had surgery sooner.

2: Your Clothes Will Fit Better

One of the common issues patients have with large breasts if finding clothing and bras that fit comfortably. Breast reduction helps you find clothing, bras and bathing suits that will fit better and more comfortably.

3: Breast Reduction Allows You to be More Active

Patients with large breasts often express how difficult it is for them to exercise. This is because their breasts are painful when running, jumping, or even simple walking. Sports bras and even double bras don’t provide sufficient support during exercise. As a result, patients find it difficult to maintain or lose weight. Breast reduction helps improve this situation.

4: Patients are Less Self-Conscious

While many women enjoy having large breasts, some feel self-conscious and try to minimise their size. This includes binding, tight bras, and loose tops, and many of these solutions can be painful. Breast reduction can restore confidence and comfort to patients.

Enjoyed our 5 Myths About Breast Reduction Surgery and want to learn more about the benefits? Contact us today to book your first consultation with Dr Drielsma. He looks forward to helping you!