Breast Surgery

In an ideal world all women would feel comfortable and confident in their bodies. However, for many women, they are simply unhappy or uncomfortable with their natural breast size or shape. Further, some women suffer from genetic issues with their breasts, including tuberous and asymmetrical breasts, that cause them discomfort and embarrassment.  Other women are simply unhappy with the over large, or over small size of their breasts.

If any of this sounds familiar, then you might want to consider Breast Surgery procedures.

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Breast Surgery in Sydney

Dr. Robert Drielsma is a leading Sydney world class breast surgery expert, specializing in natural looking breast results.  With over 20 years experience, and one of the first surgeons to bring the popular “Lollipop” incision technique to Australia, you will be in caring, professional hands with Dr. Drielsma.


breast surgery sydney

Why Should I Consider Breast Surgery?

Breast Surgery procedures can help remedy many issues women have with their breasts.  Breasts are one of the features women are mostly likely to see as defining their femininity.  Asymmetrical breasts, tuberous breasts, breasts that have begun to droop or sag with age, and uncomfortably large or small breasts can cause you to feel less confident, less sexy, and less balanced overall.  You might also suffer from changes to your breasts and nipples from breastfeeding or severe back and neck pain from heavy, over large breasts.

Breast Surgery procedures can correct issues you have with your breasts, reducing, enhancing and repositioning them to give you a more youthful, perky look and a surge in confidence.  You will feel more comfortable in yourself thanks to the artistic, expert breast surgery performed by Dr. Drielsma.  You will find yourself able to enjoy clothing and physical activity again, where your breasts may have restricted you before.

Dr. Drielsma’s scar minimising surgery creates pleasing, and natural results that will make you feel more comfortable in social and intimate situations, and more confident in yourself.

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