Breast Surgery

There are many reasons why a patient might want to consider breast surgery. Most commonly, they are simply unhappy or uncomfortable with their natural breast size or shape. Further, some women suffer from genetic concerns with their breasts, including tuberous and asymmetrical breasts.

breast surgery in sydney

Breast Surgery in Sydney

Dr. Robert Drielsma is a Sydney based registered plastic surgeon, with over 20 years’ experience in breast surgery.


Why Should I Consider Breast Surgery?

Breast Surgery procedures can help to remedy many concerns women have with their breasts.  Breasts are one of the features women are mostly likely to see as defining their femininity.  Asymmetrical breasts, tuberous breasts, breasts that have begun to droop or sag with age, and uncomfortably large or small breasts are common reasons why women seek out these procedures.  You might also suffer from changes to your breasts and nipples from breastfeeding or severe back and neck pain from heavy, over large breasts.

Breast Surgery procedures can help to correct concerns you have with your breasts, including reducing, increasing in size and repositioning them to change the appearance and to help treat functional concerns. Breast procedures may also allow patients to fit more comfortably in certain clothes and allow for less restriction during physical activity.

Dr Drielsma employs his breast surgery experience in order to best deliver patient’s their desired results.

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