What to Expect at Your Surgery Consult

dr. drielsma plastic surgeonYour consultation with Dr Drielsma is an essential initial step before any surgical procedure can be planned.

All consultations now require a referral from a GP or specialist.  It is important that you bring your referral to your consultation along with any relevant X-rays or test results if you have them.

Consultations for non cosmetic procedures

Non cosmetic procedures are medically indicated, carry medicare item numbers and attract medicare rebates.  Breast reduction is an example of a non cosmetic procedure commonly done by Dr Drielsma.

For these types of procedures, the initial consultation fee is $350 and is prepaid in full prior to the consultation.  A second consultation prior to surgery is recommended but not essential for you to proceed with surgery for medical conditions.  Surgery can be booked by payment of a deposit at any time following your initial consultation.

Consultations for Cosmetic procedures

A cosmetic procedure does not carry a medicare item number.  New government regulations stipulate

• 2 consultations must occur before surgery can be booked.  The first consultation will be face to face with Dr Drielsma.  The consultation fee is $350 and is prepaid in full prior to the consultation.  The second consultation will cost $100, is prepaid in full prior to your second consultation, and may be done either in person or by phone or video.  Medicare rebates apply to both these consultations.

•Surgery booking (by paying a deposit for surgery) can not take place until 7 days following your second consultation.

•Surgery can proceed at no less than 7 days following your second consultation.

During Your Consultation

At the consultation, Dr. Drielsma will obtain a thorough history of your medical health and background, eg past health, medications, and operations. He will then discuss a clear understanding of what you are hoping to achieve and your expectations from surgery. Dr. Drielsma will also undertake a careful physical examination to assess your clinical situation and suitability for surgery.

Dr. Drielsma will accurately explain your suitability for surgery and the steps involved. You will be taken through a detailed explanation of the benefits as well as possible risks and complications of surgery. While not meant to scare or alarm you, this explanation is essential and part of Dr. Drielsma’s duty of care to you.

After Your Consultation

Following your consultation, you will feel that you have a good understanding of the procedure and its likely benefits and outcome along with its possible risks. This will enable you to make an informed decision as to whether you would like to proceed.

Consultation Costs

A detailed estimate of costs will be prepared for you following consultation and can usually be given to you on the day.

Dr. Drielsma is a specialist plastic surgeon with the highest qualifications possible in Australia in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery. The consultation fee for your initial appointment with Dr. Drielsma is $350, which we require to be paid in full when making your appointment. If you cancel your appointment with a full 2 business days notice, we will refund your consult fee in full. If you cancel your consultation appointment with less than 2 business days notice, your consult fee will be forfeited. We may, at our discretion, agree to apply this forfeited, non refundable amount to a new consult date if you wish to rebook your appointment.
Your GP referral will entitle you to a $76 rebate from Medicare.

(There are availability limits for consultation in clinics outside of Sydney. We require you prepay the full $350 to book your consultation.)