Neck Lift (Platysmaplasty)

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A neck lift (platysmaplasty) is an operation designed to address the neck and lower face. This procedure aims to address the effects of sun damage, as well as the natural aging process, which leads to the skin of the face losing its elasticity and tightness.


Operative procedures, such as a face (rhytidectomy) and neck lift (platysmaplasty), brow lift (browplasty) and blepharoplasty (eye lift) are designed to address excess loose skin as well as underlying tissue layers.

What Should I Bring to my Consultations?

We always recommend you bring a friend or relative with you to help discuss the information provided and your choices. Wear simple clothing in case you need to undress for a physical exam. We also recommend you bring a notepad and thoroughly read all documents provided by Dr Drielsma so you can make the best, most informed decision.

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What to Bring to your Surgeon Consultation

  • Bring a friend or relative to help discuss the information and consider your choices
  • Take lots of notes and read the documents provided thoroughly
  • You may need to undress for a physical exam so wear simple clothing

Want more information before scheduling your Surgeon consultation?

  • Request more information about the procedure – call or contact us
  • Organise a phone call with Patient Advisor (FREE)
  • 2 consultations are required before booking surgery

Individual results may vary. All surgery carries risks. 

You should get a second opinion from an equally qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon before proceeding with surgery.