How Soon Can I Exercise After Breast Reduction Surgery?

exercise after breast reduction

Everyone has questions about their surgery experience. And knowing what to expect can help you plan as well as feel comfortable. Join us as we discuss one of the top questions asked about breast reduction surgery: how soon can you exercise after breast reduction surgery?

When is the Best Time to Get Breast Reduction Surgery?

The answer to this question varies from person to person. Key factors for a quality breast augmentation procedure include:

  • Arranging for child care and/or pet help
  • Household chores assistance
  • Time off work
  • Financial arrangements

It is also important to avoid cheap plastic surgery procedures or overseas tourism ads. These procedures are not the bargain they appear. More often than not they are performed with less quality and less experienced surgeons who are not FRACS certified. A FRACS qualified surgeon is a fully qualified plastic surgeon with decades of experience performing specialist breast surgeries.

Winter and spring may be the more popular times for plastic surgery procedures. It is easier to avoid the sun and you will be ready to wear the latest summer fashions. However, summer is often more convenient for patients as they are able to take a longer break from work during the holidays. Further, summer holidays might offer you more chance to get help around the house as others are off work at the same time.

The most important element is planning. This does not mean just planning your surgical dates. You also need to plan the post-operative care support you can establish for yourself during your healing period.

With a good plan and adequate post-operative support, any time of the year can suit you for your procedure. Some people find it hard to wait once they decide to have surgery, because they are excited to be progressing forward with their plans. So they may plan surgery just a few weeks or months in advance. However, remember, there are mandatory waiting times and cooling off periods, even with plastic surgery.

Other patients want more time to arrange their lives. As a result they can have adequate down time to heal with minimal distractions.

Does Breast Reduction Hurt?exercise after breast reduction

While everyone’s experience of surgery and healing are different, and some discomfort and pain are part of nearly any surgical journey, most women are pleasantly surprised how little pain and discomfort there is following breast reduction. One night hospitalisation is all that is required. And while strong pain killers are available during this time and to take home if required, they may not even be needed.

The most difficult thing about breast reduction is the feeling of not being physically comfortable enough to get a good night’s sleep. This does pass as healing progresses. But not getting good rest right after surgery is one of the things you should prepare yourself for, psychologically, if you are sensitive to sleep loss. When you have a difficult time getting to sleep, your emotional system can also become more reactive. If you lack good sleep and are physically uncomfortable, you might feel more emotionally tender and upset.

When you’re feeling emotional or when you don’t have fully supportive people around you during the early recovery stages, you might even question your plastic surgery decisions. This is not uncommon and typically passes as your body heals and you being to get good rest. At this time, it is important to ensure you’re focusing on your overall wellness and get good nutrition.

How Soon Can I Return to Exercise After Breast Reduction Surgery?exercise after breast reduction

The most common question we get asked, other than how much surgery will hurt, is regarding how soon they can return to exercise after breast reduction surgery. People who are about how they look are often fond of exercising regularly. Women undergoing plastic surgery procedures want to know how soon they can exercise again, including running, cycling, yoga, and gym classes like Spin.

The answer depends on a number of factors.

Your plastic surgeon can give you general estimates on when you can get back to exercise based on your particular procedure and health. During your consultation and during your follow-up visits, they can give your more individualised advice. Your return to exercise will depend on how well you are healing and whether or not you’re experiencing any unexpected problems. However sometimes flexibility is required, because healing after surgery cannot always be predicted with accuracy and everyone is different.

Everyone is unique. As a result, your nutritional uptake, general health, medications, supplements and genetics all play a role in how well and how quickly you heal. Resting during the early stages of healing is important, as is proper incision care. It is important to follow your surgeon’s post-operative care instructions carefully.

Further, you will need several weeks to let your incisions heal before you get active again. You will also need to be wearing the right support garments at all times, including at night.

For very strenuous activities you might also need to wait a few months before you are cleared to return to all your previous activities. Your surgeon can advise you when it is time. It is key to listen to your surgeon and your body and allow yourself adequate time to heal. Don’t exercise too quickly.

Always ask your surgeon for details during your pre-surgery consultation. Contact us today for more information or to book your consultation today!