Areola Surgery and Breast Reduction

Nipple SurgeryWomen want breast surgery for a variety of reasons. Older trends leaned more toward breast augmentation surgery. Now we see women opting for breast reduction and breast lift surgery. With social media trends promoting a fit, slim physique, many are looking to match their breast size to their new body. Other women find themselves researching surgery to restore the look of their breasts after weight loss. But often we find that women are unaware that their nipples will also require surgery in order to attain the look of natural breasts. Today we’re going to discuss areola surgery and how it relates to breast reduction.

What is the Difference Between Breast Reduction and Breast Lift?

As we age, and as our bodies change due to pregnancy or weight gain and loss, our skin must change to accommodate. This can cause a loss of skin laxity that makes breasts sag. Heavier breasts with dense breast tissue can also put a strain on our breast skin.

  • For women happy with the density of their breasts, but not the location, a breast lift can restore the breasts to their natural place on the chest wall.
  • For women who have empty-looking and sagging breasts, a skilled plastic surgeon can combine breast augmentation (implants) with a breast lift to provide better positioning and breast size.
  • Finally, women who suffer from the pain and social discomfort caused by large breasts can seek breast reduction – sometimes combined with a breast lift by a skilled surgeon like Dr. Robert Drielsma – to reduce the size and weight of their breasts to a more natural, manageable look.

Breast Reduction, Breast Lift, and Areola Surgerynipple surgery

For many women pregnancy, breast feeding and weight change all affect the location of your nipples. While the two procedures work for different results, both surgeries involve changing the position of the areola. Further, other surgeries can be performed to improve the look of your areolas, including reshaping, resizing and improving symmetry. The main aim of areola surgery is to improve the appearance of the nipple and ensure it is centrally located on the breast mound.

Breast Reduction, Areolas, and Breast Ptosis

Changing areola and nipple location can be an indicator of breast ptosis. This is the condition where your breasts have begun to droop or sag. As skin laxity increases and breasts droop, many women see their nipples move to point downward and/or to the sides.  Nipples also frequently stretch with time giving an unsightly oversized areolar diameter.  Including nipple reshaping and relocating in breast reduction surgery improves the natural look of the breasts. This is something you will discuss with your surgeon during a consultation. In the case of breast reduction, many women seeking this procedure want improvements to their nipples due to the weight of their breasts causing the nipple location to point downward, or even in different directions, as well as experiencing nipple asymmetry.

Breast Reduction, Nipples, and Breast Feeding

While breast feeding may be possible following breast reduction, and Dr Drielsma has had patients who successfully breast fed following their breast reductions, this can not be guaranteed. All breast surgery procedures will affect the nipples, as well as the inner structure of the breasts. While many women can have multiple surgeries and breast feed without issues, it is never guaranteed. Further, even women who have not had any breast surgeries can struggle, or even find it impossible, to breast feed. It is important to discuss your future plans with your doctor. Sometimes it is better to wait until after you have finished having your family before pursing breast surgery.

What Happens to Your Areola During Breast Reduction Surgery

During breast reduction the nipple areola complex is surgically relocated, with care taken to keep the function of the nipple and skin intact. The nipple is lifted to a more central position. Further, it can be reshaped or resized by adjusting the amount of areola complex tissue. Discussing how you would like your nipples to look and what range you would be comfortable with is important prior to surgery.

Breast Reduction – What You Need to Know

Nipple Surgery

Surgery for breast reduction is a good solution to heavy breast tissues. Breast reduction patients are the happiest group in Dr Drielsma’s practice.  All breast surgery procedures hold risks. However seeing an experienced plastic surgeon means you will avoid the dangerous side effects seen from procedures from inexperienced and cheap surgeons. Always communicate well with your surgeon to discuss what you would like to get out of your breast reduction surgery. This helps your surgeon work with you to get the best possible results from your surgery.

Breast Reduction surgery has a high satisfaction rate. It can improve not only our self-esteem, but also physical issues caused by overly large and heavy breasts. Patients often report experiencing less back and neck pain after reduction surgery.

If you would like more information on breast reduction surgery and areola surgery, contact us today. Dr Drielsma can help you find the solution that is best suited to your body and wishes.