8 Facts About Cosmetic Breast Lift

As we age our bodies change – and not always for the better. For women, time and gravity can be especially taxing. Those with larger or heavier breasts often find themselves the most affected. Heavier and/or larger breasts will begin to droop, leaving us feeling uncomfortable physically, socially and mentally. If you’ve experienced these side effects of aging, you might be considering a breast lift procedure. So here are our 8 facts about cosmetic breast lift surgery!

breast lift surgery sydney1: Why Do Women Get Cosmetic Breast Lift Procedures?

Most women opt for a breast lift procedure are simply trying to regain what they once had. Many patients just want their breasts back to their more youthful position, rather than reducing or augmenting them. As we age, the changes we see in our breasts can be upsetting and become uncomfortable. Significant weight loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding all contribute to changes in our breasts. Cosmetic Breast Lift surgery aims to elevate breasts to create a perkier, youthful silhouette.

2: Breast Lift Surgery Increases Confidence!

While breast lift procedures improve our looks physically, they can also have positive effects on other aspects of our lives. Pursuing a breast lift procedure can improve issues associated with negative self-image. With a more youthful silhouette, many patients find themselves feeling better about their bodies. Many women report feeling more comfortable bolsters their self-esteem in social and intimate settings.

3: The Popularity of Breast Lift Surgery is Rising!

Did you know that the rate of breast lift procedures has increased by 70% over the last few years. This increasing popularity shows that a cosmetic breast lift – also known as mastopexy – is helpful to many women. Breast lift is a great solution for women who don’t want to change the size or shape of their breasts but rather return them to a more youthful position.

4: What Happens When you Get a Breast Lift?

If you are thinking of pursuing breast lift surgery, your first step would be a consultation with an experienced, qualified plastic surgeon like Dr Robert Drielsma. During this appointment, your surgeon will discuss your needs and ideal outcome from breast lift surgery. They can advise you on that to expect and the most achievable results for you and your body. Your doctor will take a number of measurements and discuss your options, along with your final desired nipple position. You can also discuss if you want to pursue implants with your breast lift – known as mastopexy augmentation. From there, if you decide to continue with your breast surgery, you will book the best surgery date for you and your surgeon. Cosmetic Breast lift procedures can take up to 4 hours or longer.

5: What Happens After Breast Lift Surgery?

It is important to follow all your surgeon’s advice regarding your post-operative regime to ensure you recover quickly and comfortably, with minimal scarring. You should expect to spend 6-8 weeks resting before returning to regular activity. It is important to remember that it can take up to 18 months to see the final results of your procedure. As with all surgical procedures, you should remember that you will experience some discomfort, swelling and bruising. However, this will subside during your recovery period, especially if you follow your recovery procedures to the letter.

6: Are Breast Lifts Better with Implants?

breast lift Breast Implants Dr Drielsma expert breast augmentation

Many women ask if they will only get the best results with a combined procedure – also known as mastopexy augmentation. However, it is not always required to have implants when you pursue a breast lift. Many women are able to get excellent results from a lift alone. However, if your breast have lost a lot of tissue or appear empty, you may find implants will improve the size and look of your new breasts.

7: Will a Cosmetic Breast Lift Increase Breast Size?

The short answer is, no. A breast lift will not increase the size of your breasts. However, they may appear larger due to improved shape and positioning on the chest wall. Think of it as an increase of quality, but not quantity. If you are seeking higher and larger breasts, it would be best to discuss your mastopexy augmentation options.

8: What About Scarring from Breast Lift Surgery?

It is understandable to be worried about visible scarring, especially on such a prominent part of your body. It is important to remember that all surgery will leave scars and plastic or cosmetic surgery is no different. However, scars can be improved and minimised by following your recovery plan properly. Remember to discuss your scarring potential with your surgeon and your options for future scar treatments.

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