Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift for Breast Sagging Treatment?

breast sagging treatmentBreast augmentation surgery – more commonly known as a “boob job” – is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. However, over the last few years, breast lift surgery has grown in popularity. In fact, studies show that breast lift surgeries have increased over 70%. With the variety of breast surgeries now available, it can be confusing to decide which one is best for you. Join us as we discuss the benefits of breast augmentation or breast lift for breast sagging treatment.

What is Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift surgery – also known as mastopexy – is a plastic surgery procedure that raises the breasts on the chest wall. As we age, time and gravity can cause our breasts to droop, leaving us feeling unfeminine and uncomfortable. Skin laxity and a decrease in collagen can exacerbate the issue. Further life changes, like massive weight loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding, can also affect the shape, size and position of your breasts. Breast lift procedures remove excess skin from sagging breasts to tighten, reshape and support your breast tissue. A breast lift for breast sagging treatment can make your breasts perkier and more youthful but it will not add volume. You will also need to discuss the repositioning of your nipples to accommodate the change in your breasts.

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation – also known as breast enlargement or “boob job” – is a highly popular procedure. Augmentation involves increasing the size of your breasts through the use of implants or fat transfer. This can help improve the look of ageing breasts that have an “empty” look due to shrinking or reduced breast tissue. Breast implants come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and fillers to improve the shape and size of your breasts. During your consultation, your surgeon will discuss the options available and which is best for the look you want to achieve.

For example, round breast implants are easier to insert and create a fuller upper pole, however they do not look as natural as anatomical or tear shaped implants. Saline is safer in the rare case of implants rupturing but can cause a “waterbed” effect on the breast skin, while silicone implants have a more natural feel and look.

Further, fat transfer uses your own fat tissue from other areas of your body to increase the volume of your breasts, though many surgeons debate how effective they are for improving the look of your breasts. Finally, it is incredibly important to discuss the best size for you and your body. Having implants that are too large or too heavy can cause issues in the future.

What About Combined Procedures for Breast Sagging Treatment?breast lift for sagging breasts

You can have the best of both worlds, though, by choosing a breast lift with implants – also known as mastopexy augmentation. The breast lift portion of the procedure lifts and tightens your breasts while the augmentation helps create volume for breast sagging treatment. Combined procedures, however, take longer and require expert, qualified surgical skills like those of Dr. Robert Drielsma. Because these procedures have two different aims, it requires a skilled surgeon to handle the intricate balance of these surgeries or you may need to consider undertaking two separate procedures with two sets of surgery and recovery times.

How to Choose the Best Surgical Option?

Still unsure what your best options are when researching your breast lift for saggy breasts?? Unsure whether you need lifted breast tissue or implants to improve the volume of your breasts? Wondering if a combined procedure is the better option? It is always best to book a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon. They can discuss your surgical options and what procedures are best for your desired look and comfort. Dr Drielsma uses the latest lollipop short vertical minimal scar techniques. This delivers a superior shape to traditional anchor scar techniques.

If you would like to discuss improving your life, comfort and self-esteem with combined breast procedures, breast augmentation or breast lift for saggy breasts, contact Dr. Robert Drielsma today!