Lip Augmentation

People associate full, round lips with youth and beauty. As we age the fat and supporting tissue of the lips decreases in bulk and the lips become thin and loose projection. Lip augmentation procedures aim at regaining full, voluptuous lips.

Reasons for wishing to have lip augmentation vary. Women often wish to enlarge the lips to give a fuller, more attractive appearance and to enhance the margin of the lips. Some women find they are over-painting the lips with lipstick to give the appearance of fuller lips and such women will particularly benefit. Women unhappy with the thinness of their lips with advancing age are often also seeking this procedure.

Lip Augmentation


Lip Filler Injections

Dr Driels achieves lip Augmentation or enhancement in a variety of ways. The simplest method is by using an injectable dermal filler product. These products can be aimed at augmentation of the “white roll” or border of the lip as well as the body or fullness of the lip. We perform this procedure as a walk in, walk out (lunchtime treatment) basis. The result usually lasts about 6 months depending on the product. Dr Drielsma repeats this treatment as necessary.

Fat Injection Surgery

Injection of the body’s own fat cells (Fat injection) can also have similar results that may be longer lasting. In general, however, long term survival of injected fat can be unreliable and repeat injections may be necessary.

Dermo-Fat lip grafting – permanent natural lip enhancement

A more dramatic and permanent form of lip augmentation is to have a strip of tissue taken from the buttock threaded into the upper and lower lip. (Autogenous augmentation) Because this tissue is supported by dermis, it survives reliably giving a permanent full lip augmentation. The procedure is done under twilight sedation on a day stay basis or can be done under local anesthetic in Dr Drielsma’s office based operating facility.

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**Results may vary for individual to individual