Calf Implants Before & After Photos

Click on the thumbnails below to see before and after photo’s of Calf Implants.

Hate the look of your skinny, oddly shaped legs? Explore our amazing Calf Implants Before and After Photos. Dr. Robert Drielsma is Sydney’s expert Plastic Surgery specialist. With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Drielsma’s focuses on natural-look plastic surgery that will maintain your masculine look. Enhance your appearance today and get that body you want!

Calf Implants Surgery can be done to improve the look of your legs. If you’ve tried working out to get firmer, toned calves but can’t see any results from your hard work, then implants might be your best option. Get back into proportion with Dr. Drielsma’s natural-look surgery today!

**Results may vary for individual to individual