Mummy Makeover

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Many women find that following having their children they have concerns regarding not only their lower bodies (tummy and hips) but also their breasts. So the question arises – “if I’m going to get my nice flat tummy back now that I’m finished having kids, why not have my nice breasts back too.” Concerns go beyond appearance as there may also be issues with rashes under the breasts or tummy overhang, back pain or incontinence.  A mummy makeover typically addresses rejuvenation of the abdomen/lower body and breasts.

mummy makeover sydney

Typically a mummy makeover is a combination of a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty combined with lipo-sculpture to the hips (or love handles), outer thighs (saddlebags) and inner thigh regions as well as a breast rejuvenation procedure (a breast augmentation, breast lift or breast lift with implants). Dr. Drielsma combines other procedures with Mummy Makeover – including facelift, arm lift, and inner thigh lift – if necessary.

Operating Time: 7 Hours
Hospital Stay: 3 nights
Recovery Time: Approx. 3 weeks

Mummy Makeover


For combined procedures such as these, an operation lasting around 7 or more hours in surgery is usually required. Expect a hospital stay of three nights post-surgery and recovery time off work of typically 3-4 weeks. Dr. Drielsma customises the scope and suitability of each surgery for each patient following a thorough consultation and examination.

For more information see Tummy-Tuck and Breast-Lift.

**Results may vary for individual to individual

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