Puffy Nipple Reduction

Now the hot weather has arrived and the holiday season is just around the corner, puffy, prominent or fleshy nipples can make wearing swimwear, T-shirts or no shirt at all, embarrassing for both men and women. Many women find it necessary to wear padding over their nipples to reduce their visibility and for men in particular, puffy nipples can be a source of embarrassment during the summer months when you want to enjoy taking your shirt off but puffy nipples may you be self conscious.

Large or Fleshy Nipples

Large or fleshy nipples can be part of natural breast development or can occur after pregnancy and breast feeding. You may also experience symptoms of bleeding and discomfort due to overly large nipples.

If you feel you suffer from puffy or prominent nipples then nipple reduction surgery with Dr Drielsma can give you more confidence when wearing tight fitting clothes or swimwear.

Dr Drielsma typically performs nipple reduction under a local anaesthetic when done on it own.  The procedure can also be combined with other breast surgery such as breast augmentation, lift or reduction.

The procedure is performed by removing excess nipple tissue which reduces the projection and the width of the nipple. Dr Drielsma “hides” the scars on the underside of the nipple and in the fold where the nipple meets the areola.

Nipple reduction is a straightforward procedure, taking around an hour to complete.

You’ll feel some discomfort for a few days and you need to be careful to protect the nipples from rubbing against shirts and bras and causing irritation. You’ll experience some swelling for the first few weeks and it will take around four weeks to see the final results.

You are likely to be an ideal candidate for this procedure if your nipple:

  • Pokes out too far
  • Is too fleshy
  • Is large or uneven in shape

Medicare rebates may apply so its important to bring a referral from your GP to your consultation with Dr Drielsma.

If you feel like your areola are too large….visit our blog post on areola reduction to read more about this procedure.

If you want to face the summer months ahead without puffy nipples holding back, call or Contact Us to arrange a consultation with Dr Drielsma.