The Truth About “Scarless” Liposuction Breast Reduction

Visible scarring on the breasts is often one of the biggest reasons why patients avoid seeking out breast reduction surgery. Many ask us if there is a way to pursue breast reduction without dealing with scarring. There has been some talk about liposuction breast reduction, which we will discuss today.

What Is Liposuction Breast Reduction?liposuction breast reduction

Liposuction breast reduction is, as it sounds, a liposuction procedure performed on the breasts. The penetrates the skin using a surgical incision. A cannula is passes through the incision and tissue rapidly. This is occurs hundreds of times. Surgeons must carefully perform this procedure because, while the procedure is less invasive on the skin, it is more invasive when it comes to the underlying tissues. Those advertising liposuction breast reduction claim that it is a procedure. While many market it as scarless and with quicker healing times, the results are generally unsatisfactory. Many patients from other doctors complain about resultant sagging and emptiness of their breasts.

Is It Really Scarless Breast Reduction?

While many tout it as scarless, liposuction breast reduction does leave a scar because it requires an incision for the cannula.

What is the Process of Traditional Breast Reduction and Liposuction Breast Reduction?

There are some big differences between traditional breast reduction techniques and so-called “scarless” breast reduction. This is not only the case in the breast reduction process but also in the results and look of the breasts.

Traditional Breast Reduction

In traditional breast reduction surgery, surgeons remove excess breast weight and skin to tighten and lift the breast.  The breast is then carefully reshaped by lifting and supporting remaining breast tissue. The surgeon then closes the skin envelope to lift and tighten the breast. Traditional breast reduction enables the breast size and weight to be reduced, along with tightening the skin and physically lifting the breasts and nipples to a more central area. This also allows the nipples to be smaller and/or more symmetrical.

liposuction breast reductionLiposuction Breast Reduction

In liposuction breast reduction, the nipples and breasts stay relatively where they are, while the liposuction removes fat cells. For women suffering from ptosis – drooping breasts – liposuction breast reduction is unlikely to give you a better result or look. As a result, your sagging breast skin might look even worse when the extra tissues and/or fat is removed. If you suffer from any type of skin laxity or you have very heavy breast tissue, liposuction only breast reduction will not end up getting you the natural, long-lasting look of traditional breast reduction techniques.

Scarring from Breast Reduction and Liposuction Breast Reduction

Liposuction breast reduction creates smaller scars than traditional breast reduction. Traditional breast reduction relies on surgical incisions such as the anchor or lollipop incision. However, for liposuction breast reduction, you still need to create an entry point for the cannula which will mean incisions for your body to heal – which, in turn, can result in scars.

Does Liposuction Breast Reduction have as Good a Result as Traditional Breast Reduction?

Generally, how good your final result is depends on the reason you are getting breast reduction surgery. However, traditional breast reduction techniques will always create more natural, aesthetically superior results. Using liposuction in conjunction with traditional breast reduction techniques can be of benefit to reduce the bra area fat or “side boob” to enhance shape the breasts. A combination of procedures customises the surgery to your body shape and desires.

Dr Drielsma may use liposuction or even fat transfer in conjunction with traditional breast reduction to give the best possible outcome. Liposuction alone might be acceptable for minor breast reductions but, typically, is not suited for treating sagging, very heavy breasts with lax skin or breasts suffering from ptosis. Further, if your breast skin has lower collagen levels and the elasticity is compromised, you may experience exaggerated or worsened sagging after a liposuction-only treatment. Finally, liposuction breast reduction does not help correct nipple position.

Breast Reduction is a Complex Breast Procedureliposuction breast reduction

Breast reduction requires a trusted plastic surgeon who has experience with complex breast surgery, like Dr. Robert Drielsma. Breast reductions is one of the most challenging cosmetic procedures to perform. The skill of your surgeon is incredibly important to the result you will achieve. Research your surgeon well and ensure they are genuine, FRACS level qualified plastic surgeon. Further, check APHRA recognise them as a specialist plastic surgeon. It is incredibly important to avoid cheap overseas or “tourism” surgical procedures as you cannot be sure of appropriate operating and recovery conditions. Finally, no matter how some surgeons might position it, liposuction is surgery and liposuction breast reduction will give inferior results and leave scars.

If you would like to know more about breast reduction procedures, contact Dr Drielsma today. If you want natural look plastic surgery, contact us today.