7 Reasons For Breast Reduction Surgery

breast reductionAre you interested in Breast Reduction Surgery? Join us as we discuss our top 7 Reasons for Breast Reduction Surgery in Sydney with Dr. Drielsma.

1: Social Confidence

Many women say they felt uncomfortable before Breast Reduction. They also attract unwanted attention. After Reduction women find they are more comfortable in social situations.

2: Clothing Freedom

Many women with overly full breasts find it difficult to find clothing that comfortably fits. Reduction Surgery allows women more comfortable clothing choices.

3: Less Skin Infection

Overly large breasts can cause rubbing, rashes and skin infections. Reduction Surgery reduces skin issues by making the breast smaller, removing the environment where skin irritation occurs.

4: Less Bra Grooves

Heavy Breasts can pull on bra straps, causing shoulder pain and even grooves in the skin.

Reducing the size of the breast relieves the strain, making bras more comfortable.

5: Reduced Pain

Large breasts can cause women chronic neck pain, shoulder and back pain.

Reduction removes weight from the chest, improving neck, shoulder and back pain.

6: Easy Exercise

Many Women with large breasts complain that they find exercising difficult, painful and even impossible.

Reducing breast size gives women freedom of movement and the ability to comfortably exercise again.

7: Improved Posture

Having large breasts can weigh women down, causing them to stoop or slouch.

Breast Reduction surgery helps improve natural posture, allowing women to sit and stand straighter, and more comfortably.

Interested in finding out more? Visit our Breast Reduction page for further information or contact Dr Drielsma today. Dr Drielsma is available in Sydney, Wagga Wagga, Camden and Canberra. If you would like to discuss your Breast Reduction surgery contact us today!

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