Top 9 Reasons For an Abdominoplasty After Weight Loss or Pregnancy!

Tuck in the sag to look toned again.

tummy tuck after weight loss

After the joy of giving birth – or seeing those kilograms slip away – it can be depressing to look in the mirror and see your body changed. If your figure is still masked by saggy skin and stubborn, fatty tissue that won’t budge with exercise, weight loss or toning, you may wonder what else you can do. If you are looking to regain your toned silhouette after pregnancy or weight loss, then an abdominoplasty – procedure might be what you’re looking for to complete your transformation.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to research the top 9 reasons a tummy tuck procedure might help after weight loss or pregnancy.

Top Clinical Reasons for Abdominoplasty   Surgery

Below is our list of 9 reasons women and men seek out tummy tuck surgery after weight loss or pregnancy.

tummy tuck after weight loss

1: Abdominoplasty Surgery for Muscle Repair or Diastasis Recti

Any pregnancy can cause the abdominal muscles to tear, but “bigger” babies or multiple pregnancies can increase the risk. These torn muscles are technically known as diastasis recti – separated abdominal muscles. But they can be repaired by a specialist plastic surgeon during tummy tuck procedures. Unfortunately, diastasis recti cannot be repaired by exercising, although yoga and pilates may help to some extent, in some cases it can make the bulge bigger or worse.

Tummy tuck procedures can be used to sew these separated muscles back together, while also addressing sagging skin and/or fatty tissue issues. Further, tummy tuck procedures can also help correct c-section scars and stretch marks from pregnancy.

tummy tuck after weight loss

2: Improved Muscle Strength After Abdominoplasty

After major weight loss or pregnancy, you might find that your stomach muscles are weaker, distended or even detached. As a result, these now flaccid muscles don’t respond well – if at all – to diet or exercised. They may require additional help.

Tummy tuck procedures can tighten stretched out muscles to improve abdominal tone and core strength. This can also result in a tighter mons pubis, which means no more “fat upper pubic area”. Further, with a stronger core, your spine has better support, allowing you to sit and stand straighter which improves overall posture and health. A stronger core and better postures means you are better able to exercise, maintaining weight loss, fitness and health.

tummy tuck after weight loss

3: TAbdominoplasty for Excess Skin Removal

An abdominopplasty procedure can help correct sagging skin that has extended due to weight gain and pregnancy. Weight gain or pregnancy causes skin to stretch and can cause issues with skin laxity.  As a result, skin cannot return to its original, taut shape but remains overstretched instead. Patients find their toned silhouettes hidden by folds of skin that refuse to budge.

Tummy tuck surgery helps tighten this excess skin, revealing your hard-won body beneath. Further, it can be used as part of a scar revision process to also help you rework surgical scars or stretch marks from weight gain.

tummy tuck after weight loss

4: Abdominoplasty to Remove Stubborn Fatty Tissue

Similar to excess skin issues, weight loss and pregnancy can leave you with stubborn fatty areas that cannot be treated with diet and exercise. These fatty areas can leave your body looking overweight or pouchy despite your hard work. If this is not due to diastasis recti after pregnancy, then it can be a simple issue to remove the small areas of fatty tissue to give you a smoother, tauter stomach. This can also be helped with additional liposuction for body contouring, for a more pleasing look.

tummy tuck after weight loss

5: Bladder Control Improvements from Abdominoplasty

Some patients who experience urinary incontinence or stress incontinence – that urgent need to urinate – can sometimes experience improved bladder control after an abdominoplasty . This can be due to the improved core strength achieved by tightening the abdominal muscles.

Some specialist plastic surgeons can also create a small obstruction for the bladder. Surgeons use soft pelvic tissue to improve bladder control. Further, for female patients, there are vaginal revitalisation treatments that can also help with bladder control. These can be combined with an abdominoplasty and include laser treatments and labiaplasty.

tummy tuck after weight loss

6: Abdominoplasty Can Help Reduce Health Risks

Clinical research indicates that some long-term health problems can arise from excess fat and skin around the stomach and abdominal area. These health problems can include diabetes, fungal infections, heart and liver disease, and even heart attacks. Excess skin and fat can put pressure on your internal organs, restricting their natural function and increasing toxins.

Abdominoplasty surgery can remove this excess skin and fatty tissue, helping reduce these possible health risks. Further, these removing these restrictive rolls of skin and fatty tissue can help you exercise more and can increase motivation.

tummy tuck after weight loss

7: Abdominoplasty to Reduce Back and Neck Pain

When properly undertaken, a tummy tuck procedure can help tighten the core as well as remove excess skin and fat. This allows the spine to straighten without weight from the stomach or pressure that pulls the spine forward at the centre of the torso or just above the abdomen. Reducing the forward pressure gives you a straighter, spine alignment.

As a result, this better posture can help improve pre-existing back and neck pain along with other therapeutic treatments.

tummy tuck after weight loss

8: Help Stabilise Weight with Abdominoplasty Procedures

Research has found that many bariatric patients who have tummy tuck or body lift procedures, are more likely to keep the weight off. There are schools of thought that say removing stubborn fatty tissue, especially around the abdominal muscles, increases satiety by reducing the level of appetite-affecting hormones.

Basically, this means that a tummy tuck can, sometimes, help reduce hunger and facilitate exercise. This provides the motivation to stay the course.

As a result, patients who feel and look good are more likely to maintain a healthy lifestyle after their tummy tuck. And, as such, enjoy their new shape for a long time after.

tummy tuck after weight loss

9: Abdominoplasty to Improve Confidence and Fit Better in Clothing

Finally, one of the major motivations for those getting a tummy tuck is to improve their appearance. Tummy tucks can help improve stretch marks, sagging skin, excess fat and improve your body contours. Further, the procedure can improve how your clothing fits and sits on your body, making it look more flattering. You can often look better in the latest fashions, rather than resorting to something baggy.

As a result, many patients find themselves developing an improved sense of self confidence and self-esteem. They report feeling more positive, more energetic and feeling more attractive.

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