Perfect Your Body with Natural Look Breast Augmentation

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Women around the world seek breast enlargement to achieve a natural looking improvement or slightly curvier cleavage contours. Very few, if any, want the fake “Pamela Anderson” look. Australian women, in particular, seek enhancements that feel, look and respond like natural breast tissue – or as close as possible. So how do we achieve our natural look breast augmentation surgery?

Implant ChoiceBreast Implants Dr Drielsma expert breast augmentation

There are myriad options when it comes to implant choices. These include the size of your implant, how full it will be (within manufacturer guidelines), the location of your implant, the type of filler, and the shape. Different combinations of these factors will get different results and will impact your final look in a variety of ways.

Anatomical implants may give you a more natural shape but round implants may give you better fullness, especially at the top – or upper pole – of the breast. Saline implants might be better for your body but create a rippling of the skin while silicone feels more like natural breast tissue.

These options are something you should discuss with your surgeon to get the best possible, natural look for your surgery. Sizers are a great way to get a physical sense for larger breasts, a more prominent profile, and a bigger bra cup size.

Each Breast Surgery is Different

No two breasts are the same so it makes sense that no two surgeries are the same. Two women requesting the same implant size, shape and profile will still look drastically different from each other. Surgeons must assess where you are naturally starting from and use that to give you a realistic expectation for your surgery. Your existing breast tissue, skin resiliency, body weight, height, BMI, natural asymmetry, and even natural nipple location, are all considered.

Your torso and waistline are also big considerations when it comes to natural look breast augmentation. A woman with a shorter torso may look like she’s gained weight, not cleavage, if she chooses an implant size that is out of proportion with her body. Finally, the more natural breast tissue you have, the more natural your final look will be.

Asymmetrical and Tuberous Breasts

Some women seek natural look breast augmentation to remedy genetic issues such as asymmetrical breasts or tuberous breasts. These conditions inhibit the correct growth of the breast tissue and leave many women feeling self-conscious. These surgeries are also more complex as your surgeon is often having to combine several varied procedures, such as breast lifts or reductions, and even nipple correction. This can also result in longer procedures and recovery, depending on your degree of asymmetry or the deformation of your tuberous breasts.

It is vital that you discuss all your options with your surgeon before you both agree to proceed. You should always go into surgery with realistic expectations of what you can achieve. Remember, we are not aiming for perfection but for a natural look.

Listen to Your Surgeon’s Advicebreast augmentation sydney

Not all implants will look amazing or natural on you. Your surgeon has spent many years perfecting his technique and will be able to guide you through the process of choosing the best possible implant size for you. As long as you and your surgeon work in conjunction to choose the right size, shape, and type of breast implant, the more likely you will achieve that desired, natural look that will complement your body rather than detract from it.

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