Most Common Plastic Surgery for Males

While plastic surgery is often more associated with women, there are plenty of men who seek out plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. today Dr Drielsma is going to discuss the two most common plastic surgery for males.

Gynaecomastia – The Most Common Plastic Surgery for Males

Man boobs, also known as Gynaecomastia, is a condition that causes men’s breasts to swell and look larger. Gynaecomastia one of the top procedures requested by men. It tackles the often embarrassing problem of excess breast tissue which we know more commonly as “man boobs”.

“For the majority of men with gynaecomastia the condition occurs for no particular reason. In a very small proportion of men hormonal changes, imbalances or steroid uses causes the condition. Body builders can develop gynaecomastia as steroid use can stimulate the breast glands and cause it to swell. For the rest, its unfortunately down to genetics and usually starts to appear around puberty.”

“Some men have overly large, puffy nipples while others display the classic ‘man boob’ appearance.”

“Like most things there is no miracle cure, pill or cream that will treat gynaecomastia and what makes most men frustrated is that no amount of exercise will shift the excess breast tissue or make the nipples smaller.”

Treating Gynaecomastia

“Treating gynaecomastia usually involves removing the enlarged breast disk via a small incision around the nipple. Dr Drielsma often combines this with liposuction to remove any excess fat. If a patient has developed very large breasts over time which have drooped then it may also be necessary to remove the excess skin and tighten the skin. Patients with large puffy nipples may require a nipple reduction to help create a flatter nipple.”

“Typically the procedure takes around two hours to complete under a general anaesthetic and recovery is quite swift. Further, it’s worth noting that the condition is not life threatening and doesn’t cause any other medical complications.”

“We can also perform nipple reduction to treat big, puffy nipples in our office operating room under a local anaesthetic.”

If you think you may have gynaecomastia or are feeling self conscious about large breasts or puffy nipples, then arrange a consultation with Dr Drielsma for a comprehensive assessment and discussion of your treatment options.

Calf Implants Before & After


Calf Implants for Men – Common Plastic Surgery for Males

If you have spent hours in the gym and haven’t seen any results in the shape and size of your calves, then you aren’t alone. The calves are a notoriously difficult body part for men to sculpt and develop. Many people also experience deteriorating disorders which affect the appearance of the calf or are born with disorders.

Small calves can affect your self confidence and discourage you from wearing skirts or shorts. Many of Dr Drielsma’s patients who are competitive body builders report that they have trouble developing or training calf muscles. This results in muscles that are disproportionate to the rest of their body.

Calf Implants for Small Calves

One solution is calf implants. Calf implants are made of soft form stable silicone, similar to breast implants, which come in many different shapes and sizes and which can be sculpted to size by Dr Drielsma for a tailored solution. Calf implants add shape and definition as well as size. They can help bring symmetry to the proportions of your leg.

Further, you suffer an illness or injury, calf implants can be used with great success to achieve a normal appearance to the calves again and help to restore lost confidence. If you have obvious asymmetry of your calves, calf implants can even things up.

Calf Implant Procedure

Dr Drielsma performs this procedure under a general anaesthetic and you usually stay in hospital overnight. The implant is placed via a small incision in the back of the knee. As a result, the small scar is well hidden. Implants can be placed in both calves or just one calf. One calf implant or a pair of calf implants can be used in each leg.

You are back on your feet straight away but it takes around six weeks before you get back to your normal exercise routine and you will be guided by Dr Drielsma based on your individual recovery.

If you are a competitive body builder you will need to plan ahead as you will need to take a break from heavy lifting during your recovery.

Are calf implants right for you?

There are many reasons people consider calf implants:

  • increase the bulk or size of the calf muscle – typically men
  • create a more proportionate sillhoute – typically women
  • correct a lower leg defect resulting from illness, disease or injury
  • you are a competitive body builder and your calf development doesn’t match your overall progress

So if smaller calves are also making you self conscious or holding you back, then Contact Us today to organise a comprehensive, personalised consultation with Dr Drielsma to discuss your options.

Medicare and health fund rebates may also apply for treatment of this condition. Contact Us today for further information or to book a consultation!