Mole Removal

Have you noticed an irritating lump in your skin or under it. Or a mole you don’t like or a blemish that bothers you. You may be surprised to learn that Dr Drielsma often performs Mole Removal to remove moles, skin cancers, lesion, skin tags – what we often refer to as lumps and bumps and ugly bits!

In his role as a specialist consultant to the Skin and Cancer Foundation Australia, Dr Drielsma performs skin cancer surgery for all types of skin cancers. This includes basal cell carcinomas (BCC’s), squamous cell carcinomas (SCC’s) and melanomas. Many procedures are performed on site in the clinic. More extensive procedures are performed under sedation and anaesthetic in the day surgery.  This often includes skin cancers that require skin grafting.

Where Can Mole Removal be Performed?

Dr Drielsma also performs these types of procedures in his office based operating suite in his Bondi Junction rooms.  If you have persistent mark, spot or mole and you are concerned that you have a skin cancer, then its best to go to your GP for a preliminary diagnosis and arrange for a referral. This is especially important if the skin cancer or lump and bump is in a very sensitive area. This inclues the nose, lip or eyelid. You want to be assured of achieving the best aesthetic outcome possible.

Dr Drielsma often sees patients that are dissatisfied with the outcome of minor skin surgery performed by unskilled doctors particularly on the face.  Scar revision is often required to improve the results. Its always best to seek out an experienced surgeon to perform these procedures rather than rely on the convenience of having a quick skin cancer or mole removal performed by a family doctor.

How Can Lumps, Bumps and Moles be Removed?

Typically, most lumps, bumps and moles can be removed under a local anaesthetic. The removal of unsightly moles is very common. If you have a mole on your face than Dr Drielsma can remove it and help you feel more confident.

While its important to remember that every single time you cut the skin there is scar, Dr Drielsma’s aim is to make that scar as invisible as possible. Most patients find that once the wound has healed and the scar has gone through its maturation phase, the scar becomes barely noticeable to others. There is no such thing as “scarless” mole or skin cancer removal so don’t be fooled.

Dr Drielsma provides every patient with detailed post operative care instructions which help you achieve the best possible outcome.  Silicone gel products are often recommended to assist with healing.

At your initial consultation with Dr Drielsma you will discuss the surgical options. He will also gain an understanding of what results you can expect to achieve from skin surgery. Dr Drielsma will not offer treatment if removing the lump, bump or mole will make you look worse. Realistic goals are important to ensure you are satisfied after surgery.

The cost of your procedure will depend on the complexity of the procedure. It will also depend on the numbers of moles or bumps being treated. A detailed estimate of fees will be provided at your consultation and then you can schedule your procedure. In most cases, procedure take around 30 minutes or so.

If you have skin concerns or moles, lumps and bumps that you just don’t like the look of, Contact Us today to schedule a consultation with Dr Drielsma to discuss your options for Mole Removal.