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Renowned Plastic Surgeon Dr Robert Drielsma Wagga has been the leader in delivery of quality plastic and Cosmetic surgery in Wagga and Southern NSW over the past 15 years. Dr Drielsma consults in Wagga regularly. If you are considering Cosmetic Surgery, you can benefit from the reliabilty and peace of mind offered by Dr Drielsma’s expertise and results as well as the convenience of pre and post-operative care close to home. Before risking an alternative, talk to our experienced staff on 1800 180 777 to explore your options. Dr Drielsma consults in the Wagga Specialist Medical Centre 325–327 Edward Street, Wagga Wagga For an appointment, call 1800 180 777.Suite 6, Wagga Specialist Medical Centre, 325–327 Edward Street, Wagga Wagga
Phone 1800 180 777
Email: info@drdrielsma.com.au        Next consulting in Wagga – Friday 13th October 2017: appointments still available
appointments available in Sydney at short notice.Dr Robert Drielsma Wagga
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