Boob Job

Get the breasts you always wanted.  A boob job or breast augmentation uses breast implants to give you the confidence you deserve.  A boob job  is a cosmetic surgical procedure to increase the size and enhance the shape of the breasts. Breast implants will also correct slight sagging of the breast and can increase breast firmness as well as tighten loose breast skin. A boob job can be used to recreate a breast after breast removal following breast cancer (mastectomy).

Breast augmentation or boob job has undergone significant refinement and improvement in recent years. The design of modern breast Implants have significantly improved over the years and are very safe.  Dr Drielsma uses “gummy bear” cohesive gel implants with a choice of round or anatomic available depending on your goals and needs.   Refined techniques used by Dr Drielsma have resulted in a more reliable and aesthetically ideal breast augmentation results as well as a safe, smooth surgical course, lower incidence of complications, shorter hospital stay and early return to normal work and activity.

Boob Job


Boob jobs are a popular an increasingly common procedure. Every woman deserves to feel good about themselves and breast enhancement can be an amazingly positive and often life transforming procedure.

Three groups of women seek breast implants. Firstly women who never developed a normal sized breast, the developmentally underdeveloped breast group. Secondly, perhaps the largest group, comprises women who have found that following pregnancy and breast feeding they have been left with a loose, under filled or deflated breast. Thirdly there exists a group of women who just want to be bigger.

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