9 Signs It’s Time for a Breast Reduction Procedure

The old saying goes “good things come to those who wait”, isn’t always true. Especially when it comes to uncomfortably large breasts. While weight loss can help shift some of the weight from your breasts, if you suffer from macromastia then weight loss alone can’t reduce the weight or density of your natural breast tissue. So join us as we discuss the top 9 signs it’s time for a breast reduction procedure!

breast reduction sydney1: Breast Reduction for Back and Neck Pain

The excess weight of heavy breasts can cause significant, debilitating neck and back pain issues. These can not only result in issues like poor posture, it is also causes chronic back pain and can result in excessive sick days. Further, continual treatment of back and neck pain caused by large breasts can become expensive. Breast reduction can help reduce back and neck pain, improving quality of life.

2: Breast Reduction for Headache Relief

Along with neck and back pain, large breasts can cause headaches and migraines due to the strain on your muscles. These can cause debilitating issues and, like back and neck pain, that can affect your social and work life, your health and your hip pocket. Breast Reduction surgery can go a long way to improving this aspect of your life.

3: You Are Over 18

While there are some rare cases where it is medically acceptable to have breast reduction under the age of 18, it is generally recommended that you wait until you are 18 before pursuing plastic surgery. As we age, our thoughts on our body image change or your physique can balance out over time. It is important to approach any plastic surgery procedure with a mature, educated outlook. Further, it is important to ensure your physical development is complete before pursuing surgery. This helps ensure you get the best results possible.

4: Your Breasts Make Every Day Activities Difficult

Women with large breasts often complain that every day activities are difficult due to their pendulous breasts. This includes simple tasks, such as reaching for objects and house cleaning, to sports and activities. Many women avoid much needed exercise due to the pain and discomfort caused by their large breasts that may not be adequately supported, even by sports bras. A breast reduction can help improve your limited ability to move and exercise, by reducing the weight and bulkiness of your breasts.

breast reduction sydney5: Your Breasts attract Unwanted Attention and Embarrassment

Unfortunately, many women with larger breasts report discomfort in social situations. Larger breasts often invite crude and unwelcome commentary, as well as judgement from others. Many people will also wrongly assume that you enlarged your breasts which can also result in negative judgement. Finally, social norms are turning toward a more balanced, athletic physique, meaning women with larger breasts and, often, petite bodies can look out of proportion or face negative social media backlash. Clothing is also difficult for those with large breasts as clothing that fits the torso often will not fit around the breasts and bra shopping can be incredibly difficult. Breast reduction can help reduce these social, fashion and body image issues.

6: You Understand and Accept that Breastfeeding May be Difficult or Unsuccessful

While not every woman seeking surgery knows in advance whether they will be breast feeding or not, it is important for women to consider that breast surgery of any kind can result in difficulty or being unable to breastfeed. However, it is also important to know that many women who have not undertaken breast surgery can also struggle to breast feed or may be unable to breast feed at all.

7: You Can Make Time for Recovery

Breast reduction procedures usually only require downtime of 2 weeks before you can return to work. It can take a month or more before it is safe to return to full time, strenuous exercise. You will also need to ensure you have someone to stay with you during the early days of your recover period as it is not advised that you lift anything or reach during the early days of your recovery and you may need help with simple tasks and dressing.

breast reduction sydney8: You Are a Healthy Weight

It is extremely important that you reach a healthy weight before pursing breast reduction. You need a health BMI before undergoing surgery. For some women, weight loss alone might be enough to reduce the size and weight of their breasts. But for most it is necessary to pursue surgery and, as such, you need to be a healthy weight to help get the optimal surgery results.

9: You Are Comfortable With All Possible Risks

All surgery has risks, and breast reduction surgery is no different. In fact, breast reduction is considered a complex breast procedure. It often requires secondary procedures such as breast lift and liposuction to get the look you desire. Breast surgery, especially breast reduction, can sometime cause a decrease or loss of sensitivity in the nipples. While this is not a common occurrence – you may experience some loss of sensitivity in the early recovery period, but sensation should return in a few days or weeks – it can occur.

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