3 Reasons Why You Need Breast Reduction Surgery in Sydney!

Women with larger breasts often suffer under the frustrating “compliment” of being “well-endowed”. But many people don’t realise the pain and discomfort associated with excessively large breasts. Do you feel physically, emotionally and socially weighed down by large breasts? Read on to see why Breast Reduction might be right for you!

1: Social DiscomfortBreast Reduction sydney

Women with large breasts often report feeling uncomfortable in social situations. Their appearance may become a distressing talking point among family, friends and even strangers. Many women even report distressing and inappropriate interactions, including leering and comments from strangers. And with social media swinging in favour of “natural” looks, many women with larger breasts often face a barrage of online commentary.

Breast reduction surgery – also known as reduction mammoplasty – can help reduce the size and look of your breasts. As a result, this brings them into harmony with the rest of your body. Those experiencing uncomfortable social situations feel freer to go out and enjoy themselves, without the fear of commentary and stares. Many women express how much better they feel, even at work, with smaller, shapelier breasts.

2: Emotional Discomfort

The emotional discomfort of large breasts is often overlooked but is just as pertinent as physical and social discomfort. The stigma of large breasts deeply affects many women. The fear of comments from strangers sees many women excessively covering up or avoiding leaving the house as much as possible. Large breasts can also distort how you see your body, often making your waist and stomach look larger than they are. Further, large breasts can impede your daily life, leading to feelings of frustration and sadness. This all contributes to a negative self-image.

Many patients express how relieved and happy they are when they have their excessively large breasts reduced through Breast Reduction surgery. Not only does it give them a more proportionate, feminine silhouette, but they can also find comfort in improved self-image and self-esteem.

3: Physical Discomfort

Issues with physical discomfort are the biggest reason why many women explore Breast Reduction surgery in Sydney. Large breasts can cause the body pain and distress. These manifest in painful stretch marks, scarring of the shoulders from bra straps, neck and pack pain, skin rashes and infections, and poor posture. Women with excessively large breasts often struggle with normal activities and exercise. Some women even report that they struggle to stand or move comfortably with their excessively large breasts.

If you find yourself agreeing with any of the above, then you are likely a good candidate for Breast Reduction surgery in Sydney. When done by reputable and accomplished breast surgeons, many patients come away saying they are highly satisfied with their results. Like all breast surgery, breast reduction is a major and highly invasive operation. Be sure to choose your surgeon carefully and avoid the lure of cheap, overseas surgery. Reduction Mammoplasty may involve a complicated mix of procedures including breast lift and nipple surgery. Inexperienced, overseas surgeons do not have the capacity to appropriately care for patients to help avoid post-surgery complications like nipple death.

Breast Reduction Sydneybreast reduction sydney

Discuss your ideas with a qualified, accredited plastic surgeon in Australia. A properly trained plastic surgeon can determine whether or not this surgery is appropriate. This includes whether or not you are healthy enough to proceed. It is important that you discuss all your relevant medical history with your doctor to ensure you don’t suffer unnecessary side effects and complications.

It is also important to tell your surgeon about any medications you take, whether you smoke, and how often you drink. You should stop smoking and drinking at least 3 months before surgery. Further, some medications need to be stopped at least a fortnight before surgery. When you meet with your plastic surgeon it is important you discuss what you want to get out of the procedure. This includes what issues your large breasts cause you and the results you hope to achieve.

Your experienced Sydney Plastic Surgeon will discuss with you exactly how much breast tissue to remove. Further, they assist you with everything you need pre-and post-op. You should ensure you have family or friends who can help you during your post-operative period. This ensures you get the best out of your recovery period.

With over 20 years’ experience, Dr Drielsma would be happy to meet with you for your breast reduction consultation. Contact us today to book your appointment.