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No matter how hard you run and exercise, your calves just don’t seem to respond.  They stay thin and out of proportion to your well toned body.  Both men and women can face the same problem.

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An attractive calf shows clear definition of the calf muscles – the medial and lateral heads of the gastrocnemius muscles. These muscles can in some individuals be quite ill-defined despite being strong and powerful. Calf implants augmentation is available and is an excellent way to give your legs shapely attractive proportions.

Operating Time:1.5 Hours
Hospital Stay:Overnight
Recovery Time:Approx. 1 week

Calf augmentation is achieved by inserting silicone specially shaped implants over the gastrocnemius muscle bellies. There are two gastroc muscle bellies in each calf – inner (medial) and outer (lateral). Calf augmentation may be performed using one implant each side over the medial gastrocnemius muscle belly or, more effectively using two calf implants per side placed over the medial and lateral muscle bellies. The operation takes around 90 minutes with one night hospitalisation usually required.

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