Non-Medical Reasons for Breast Reduction

It has been over 50 years since the first, true breast implant surgery. With stars like Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell celebrated in the media, men and women celebrated the idea of large breasts. The advent of Playboy magazine and shows like Baywatch, the desire for breast enlargement surgery soared. However, with the advent of the social media age, body image trends are changing toward a more natural, proportioned body. Today we are going to discuss non-medical reasons for breast reduction.

Why Do People Get Breast Reduction?

In modern times, one of the most commonly requested and successful procedures is the breast reduction. It is also known as a breast reduction mammoplasty. Breast reduction is used to correct naturally large breasts, known as macromastia, or breasts that have been enlarged and sag due to weight gain.

Symptoms of Large, Heavy Breasts

There are many debilitating symptoms and issues caused by large breasts. These include chronic neck and back pain that can cause chronic headaches or migraines. The weight of large breasts can also cause chest wall pain as the body struggles to support the weight. This can also lead to shortness of breath and sleep disturbance. Further, women with large breasts often report having poor posture, either from trying to support the weight or to attempt to mask large breasts.

The weight of large breasts can cause a strain on bra straps, forming grooves on the shoulder. Sagging, heavy breasts can cause skin rashes due to an accumulation of sweat and the rubbing of the breast skin. Finally, large breasts can create a tingling in the hands. This leads to low exercise tolerance which, in turn, leads to weight gain.  Large breasts can also cause embarrassment and attract unwanted attention as well as interfering with social, sporting and recreational activities.

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Changing Trends – Natural is IN!

Body trends have changed. While traditional, Breast Augmentation procedures are still popular, more natural looks are in for summer. Well-endowed looks are fast being replaced with a healthy, athletic looking body shape. Large breasts can make you look like you’re carrying more weight than you are, especially if you struggle to find clothing to balance out your proportions.

Body Balance

Unfortunately, though clothing sizes strive to cover all body sizes and shapes, it isn’t always possible. Women with large breasts can find it difficult to get clothing that fits without embarrassing gaps in shirts, fabric strain lines, and other frustrating clothing issues. Clothing that fits the rest of your body like a glove, might look strange on your upper body. Striking the perfect body balance can be incredibly difficult when you have large breasts. Breast Reduction surgery can help you get a better body balance.

Feel Good!

Having heavy, pendulous breasts in summer can be uncomfortable and unattractive in summer. On top of this, women with large breast suffer from physical pain due to the size and position of their breasts. Further, they often suffer from skin chaffing, excessive sweating (such as hyperhidrosis) and skin infections. Clothing options can be limiting as well, making it difficult to balance a large upper body, not to mention that large breasts can cause embarrassing social situations during bikini weather!

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Look Great After Weight Loss or Childbirth

Having children is a wonderful time of your life. As are meeting your weight loss goals. But despite how incredible these moments are, they can affect our bodies. Often, after childbirth or extreme weight loss, our bodies just don’t bounce back. This can leave your breasts looking uncomfortably large, saggy or even empty and deflated. Despite the happiness in your life, you may feel self-conscious about your looks, which is one of the reasons for breast reduction and similar procedures. Breast Reduction, often combined with a Breast Lift, can return the youthful look to your breasts, especially for women 30 and older.

Breast Reduction for Your Wedding Day

Your wedding is an exciting day and should be one of the happiest days of your life. But there is so much planning that goes into a wedding, sometimes we neglect ourselves. We all want to look beautiful and be comfortable on our wedding day. Looking after ourselves shouldn’t fall to the wayside in the face of other plans. If you want to pursue a plastic surgery procedure before your wedding day, like a Breast Reduction, it is important to be prepared well ahead of time. Looking great on your wedding day is one of the non-medical reasons for breast reduction.

A Breast Reduction procedure is not something to take lightly. Like all surgical procedures there are risks involved. Choosing to undertake surgery isn’t a decision you should make on the fly. If you’ve been wanting to get a Breast Reduction for years, then having it done before you wedding might be the perfect time to do so! It will make you feel far more comfortable and confident being the centre of attention.

What to Know Before Scheduling Surgery

It is important to ensure you give yourself plenty of time to rest and recover after surgery. Summer is one of the best times of the year to have breast surgeries. So long as you avoid sunlight on your new incisions – which can impact scar formation – you will have plenty of time to comfortably sit back and relax during your healing time. It is important to make sure you take your lifestyle and responsibilities into account when booking in for surgery.

You need at least 2 weeks of rest and 6 weeks before you can return to normal activities. The reason we recommend this amount of time is to ensure you heal appropriately and have the best scarring results possible. Further you want to give yourself plenty of time in case something doesn’t go entirely to plan. Finally, the full results of your surgery can take from 6 to 18 months to show as it can take time for the swelling to completely subside.

Always go to a Qualified Plastic Surgeonreasons for breast reduction

The most important part of pursuing a Breast Reduction procedure is to ensure it is done by a qualified doctor. You should never risk your health or looks to cheap doctors or overseas surgeons. A qualified Australian Plastic Surgeon like Dr Drielsma is perfectly situated to look after you during your recovery period. They also have relationships with top Australian hospitals to ensure your procedure is done in state of the art surgical rooms. It is important to come to your consultation with an open mind and listen to you surgeon. This way you will understand your options when it comes to your body shape, weight, height and composition. And always be honest with your surgeon about your goals and desires when it comes to your surgical expectations. That way you will get the best possible, natural results from your breast reduction.

Breast Reduction surgery can help you improve your life, physically, socially and emotionally. If you would like to discuss your Breast Reduction options, or other non-medical reasons for breast reduction contact Dr Drielsma today for a caring, qualified consultation.