Is Society Changing Views on Large Breasts? The Rise of Breast Reduction

It has been over 50 years since the first, true breast implant surgery. With stars like Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell celebrated in the media, men and women celebrated the idea of large breasts. The advent of Playboy magazine and shows like Baywatch, the desire for breast enlargement surgery soared. However, with the advent of the social media age, body image trends are changing toward a more natural, proportioned body.

Why Do People Get Breast Reduction?

In modern times, one of the most commonly requested and successful procedures is the breast reduction. It is also known as a breast reduction mammoplasty. Breast reduction is used to correct naturally large breasts, known as macromastia, or breasts that have been enlarged and sag due to weight gain.

Symptoms of Large, Heavy BreastsBreast Reduction surgery

There are many debilitating symptoms and issues caused by large breasts. These include chronic neck and back pain that can cause chronic headaches or migraines. The weight of large breasts can also cause chest wall pain as the body struggles to support the weight. This can also lead to shortness of breath and sleep disturbance. Further, women with large breasts often report having poor posture, either from trying to support the weight or to attempt to mask large breasts.

The weight of large breasts can cause a strain on bra straps, forming grooves on the shoulder. Sagging, heavy breasts can cause skin rashes due to an accumulation of sweat and the rubbing of the breast skin. Finally, large breasts can create a tingling in the hands. This leads to low exercise tolerance which, in turn, leads to weight gain.  Large breasts can also cause embarrassment and attract unwanted attention as well as interfering with social, sporting and recreational activities.

Weight Loss or Breast Reductions?

While large breasts can be caused by weight gain, weight loss doesn’t always correct the problem. This is because those suffering from conditions like macromastia aren’t necessarily suffering from excess weight but large amounts of dense breast tissue. As a result, weight loss alone cannot always correct the issue, or correct skin laxity issues caused by the weight. Further, this is why liposuction breast reduction alone will not work for most patients. Instead, they require a traditional breast reduction procedure in order to remove excess breast tissue, excess skin, and the effects of gravity.

Combined with a breast lift, a breast reduction procedure can reduce the size of your breasts while returning them to a more central, perky position. Further, weight loss and liposuction can’t correct nipple position, as sagging breasts can cause the nipples to point down or even under the breast.

Breast Reduction Offers a Number of Benefitsbreast reduction

Numerous medial studies have documented that breast reduction surgery not only improves a patient’s body image, but also has a number of physiological benefits. These include pain relief, improved posture and lung function, improved sleep quality, and reduced headache activity. Further, patient satisfaction rates are high. Breast reduction can create a natural, perky look without the necessity of using implants. With social standards turning toward a healthier, natural and more athletic physique, smaller breast sizes are increasing in popularity over the larger looks of the past.

In fact, many celebrities are celebrating their breast reduction surgeries. Patients report their breasts look more in proportion, feel firmer and their nipples sit in a more aesthetically pleasing position. As a result, patients often say they wish that they had undergone their procedures sooner.

What About Women With Breast Implants?breast reduction

While breast reduction cannot help those with breast implants, breast implant removal surgery can. This involves removing the existing breast implant and either replacing it with a smaller size or removing it altogether. Then, if required, the breasts can be lifted and repositioned into a perkier position.

Breast reduction surgery, however, is a complex breast procedure and should only be performed by a qualified plastic surgeon like Dr Drielsma. Pursuing cheap overseas surgery runs the risk of malpractice. Further, there is a high risk of infections as you do not have the necessary aftercare or sterile conditions. A surgeon needs to be qualified in a complex and reconstructive breast surgery in order to ensure the best possible outcomes. If you would like to discuss your natural look, breast reduction surgery contact us today.

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