Get Your Summer Body with Breast Reduction Surgery

We all want to look fantastic for summer. Sundresses, bikinis and Australia’s beach culture means there’s a lot of social pressure to look great. As trends change, more women are seeking Breast Reduction over traditional Breast Augmentation surgeries. And summer can be the best time to have a Breast Reduction, with great weather to rest and relax. So join us as we discuss why you can get your great summer body with Breast Reduction surgery!

breast reduction naturalChanging Trends – Natural is IN!

Body trends have changed. While traditional, Breast Augmentation procedures are still popular, more natural looks are in for summer. Well-endowed looks are fast being replaced with a healthy, athletic looking body shape. Large breasts can make you look like you’re carrying more weight than you are, especially if you struggle to find clothing to balance out your proportions.

Body Balance

Unfortunately, though clothing sizes strive to cover all body sizes and shapes, it isn’t always possible. Women with large breasts can find it difficult to get clothing that fits without embarrassing gaps in shirts, fabric strain lines, and other frustrating clothing issues. Clothing that fits the rest of your body like a glove, might look strange on your upper body. Striking the perfect body balance can be incredibly difficult when you have large breasts. Breast Reduction surgery can help you get a better body balance.

Feel Good!

Having heavy, pendulous breasts in summer can be uncomfortable and unattractive in summer. On top of this, women with large breast suffer from physical pain due to the size and position of their breasts. Further, they often suffer from skin chaffing, excessive sweating (such as hyperhidrosis) and skin infections. Clothing options can be limiting as well, making it difficult to balance a large upper body, not to mention that large breasts can cause embarrassing social situations during bikini weather!

breast reduction summer

Summer is Ideal!

Summer is one of the best times of the year to have breast surgeries. So long as you avoid sunlight on your new incisions – which can impact scar formation – you will have plenty of time to comfortably sit back and relax during your healing time. It is important to make sure you take your lifestyle and responsibilities into account when booking in for surgery. Considering most of us take long holidays over summer, you won’t have to try and shift work responsibilities nearly as much as you would later in the year.

Look Great After Weight Loss or Childbirth

Having children is a wonderful time of your life. As are meeting your weight loss goals. But despite how incredible these moments are, they can affect our bodies. Often, after childbirth or extreme weight loss, our bodies just don’t bounce back. This can leave your breasts looking uncomfortably large, saggy or even empty and deflated. Despite the happiness in your life, you may feel self-conscious about your looks. Breast Reduction, often combined with a Breast Lift, can return the youthful look to your breasts, especially for women 30 and older.

Breast Reduction is Life Changing

If you are unhappy with the look of your breasts, it’s helpful to know that you’re not alone. Many women feel unhappy and uncomfortable due to the look, size and shape of their breasts – especially after weight loss or pregnancy. Taking the first step on your surgical journey can be daunting. But a caring, qualified plastic surgeon can help allay all your concerns and get you on the path to improved self-esteem.

breast reduction

Youthful Looking Body Balance

As we age, gravity can have frustrating effects on our bodies. This is particularly the case when it comes to large breasts. Heavy breasts sag a lot faster and often more dramatically than smaller breasts. This can leave us feeling uncomfortable socially, physically and emotionally. Breast Reduction (often combined with Breast Lift) can restore a youthful look to your breasts. Having breasts that sit more centrally and look more perky can give you far more self-esteem and fashion choices – especially for those with heavy breasts that tend to slope to the sides in summer when you recline.

Confident Fashion Choices

Clothing options can be severally limited when you have large breasts. How we feel about ourselves and how we look is a large part of our emotional health. Having a more balanced body shape can open up a myriad of fashion choices – without the expense of heavy tailoring. Being able to feel good in whatever you wear can make an enormous impact on your self-esteem. Breast Reduction surgery can improve the range of fashion choices and social confidence.

Breast Reduction surgery can help you improve your life, physically, socially and emotionally. If you would like to discuss your Breast Reduction options, contact Dr Drielsma today for a caring, qualified consultation.