Reverse the effects of ageing with facelift surgery

As we get older, the effects of sun damage as well as the natural ageing process leads to the skin of the face losing its elasticity and tightness. Gravity effects can cause some degree of sagging particularly around the eyes, cheeks, jowl area and neck. Facelift Surgery can correct these issues.

Reverse the signs of ageing with facelift surgery.

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Why choose a facelift?

Facelifts are designed to reverse the effects of ageing. This is achieved by removing and tightening excess loose skin & underlying tissue of the lower face, eyes and brow.

address saggy facial skin

As you age, your skin becomes less elastic and looser, and fat deposits decrease in some areas of your face and increase in others. After a facelift you will have a less saggy appearance and more youthful look.

decrease appearance of wrinkles

Dr Drielsma works tirelessly to ensure that natural expression lines, such as smile lines, are unaffected by surgery so your face will appear natural looking when it is in repose, as well as when you are speaking or laughing. His goal is to create a youthful facial appearance that is natural looking.

improve the look of jawline

Get the jawline of your dreams. Remove jowls & loose skin which may be beginning to obscure your jawline, despite excellent overall health and fitness, a facelift could give you the jawline you want.


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Dr Drielsma is an Australian trained fully qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeon specialising in cosmetic surgery of the face, breasts and body.

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Patient Reviews


I cannot recommend Dr Drielsma highly enough . .He is very approachable and puts you at ease instantly ,he talks honestly about what is achievable and the results. The results of my surgery were fantastic. I am extremely happy. His staff are amazing, they are patient and nothing is too much trouble for them or him. He is happy to talk to you about your reservations and answer any questions.

Not once did i feel rushed or pressurised into doing anything i didn't want.

Our results speak for themselves

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Reverse the effects of ageing with facelift surgery

After a facelift procedure you should not expect to look like a different person but to look “well” or “refreshed”. It is common to find following facelift surgery that you receive many compliments of looking well and not tired when seen again by friends.

Reverse the signs of ageing with facelift surgery.

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