Explant Surgery

There are millions of women world wide who have breast implants. In fact, breast augmentation carries a very high satisfaction rate. Certainly, if you have breast implants, hopefully you have enjoyed many years of satisfaction from them. There may be reasons for removing and replacing your implants if they develop complications such as rupture or capsular contracture. On the other hand, you may just want to change your size be it bigger or smaller.
However, in a growing number of cases, the preference may be to take your implants out all together. This may also follow complications such as rupture or capsular contracture where you don’t want to have implants anymore and therefor remove and not replace them. It may also be that your just not comfortable with having implants anymore and prefer to have them removed and not replaced.

What is Explant Surgery?

Removing implants is also known as Breast Explant surgery. Of course if you simply have your implants removed, not only will you go much smaller again but you may find the skin of the breast is little loose and empty with an sagging look. In this situation your breast can be made youthful and perky again, without an implant, by breast lifting.
As can be seen in the before and after photos below, Dr Drielsma’s is an expert in lifting breasts without implants using his signature “Lollipop” minimal scar technique. Contact our team for further information or explore our gallery below!


Click on the images below to view Before and after photos of Explant surgery with breast lifting